Sports Betting Terms: Explaining Sports Glossary to Bettors

Sports Betting Terms

Sports betting at W88 online bookie is always an interesting form of entertainment, attracting a large number of players to participate. However, if you want to be good at sports betting and have a high win rate, you need to understand the basic terms first. The following article will share with W88 players the sports betting terms.

Terms of Asian Handicap Sports Betting

The terms when betting on Asian sports betting that you may encounter are:

  • Handicap / Odds: The odds offered by the bookie for a certain match
  • Odds: Rate/conversion rate for bet payout
  • Over/Under: bet higher or lower than a given number
  • Upper Team: Stronger Team
  • Bottom team: Weaker team
  • Win full: win the whole bet
  • Lose full: Lose your entire bet
  • Win Half: win half the bet
  • Lose Half: Lose half your bet
  • HT = Half Time: Half of the match is over, meaning the first half is over
  • FT = Full Time: End of the match, that is, the end of both halves
  • ET = Extra Time
  • Pen: Penalty
  • Run = running: Bet while the match is still going
  • CS = Correct Score: Bet on the exact score of the match

Terms of European Sports Betting on W88

The terms about European rafters are not very much, when you play this bet, you only need to pay attention to the following terms:

  • Odds 1×2: European Handicap betting
  • 1: Bet on the home team to win
  • 2: Bet on the away team to win
  • X: Bet on a draw
  • 1x: Bet on home team win or draw
  • 2x: Bet on a win or draw result for the away team

Terminology of Over/Under bets

  • Over (Over, abbreviated as O): The bookie will offer odds and the player placing the Over will win if the total number of goals in the match is greater than that ratio.
  • Under (Under, abbreviated as U): The bookie will offer a odds and the player placing the Under bet will win if the total number of goals in the match is less than that.

Some other online sports betting terms

Sports betting glossary

  • Pick / bass: choose a bet or place a bet on a certain team (same as pick)
  • Liquidity: The betting account is out of money.
  • Showhand: as much money as you can put in a bet.
  • Parlay: is a type of bet in online betting (Mix-parlay), using an amount to place many matches at the same time to reduce the percentage of winning on the parlay, and increase the winnings.
  • Each-way/Two-way bet: is a bet where half of the money will be placed on the winner, the other half on the other rankings. This is a type of bet in horse racing or football (with the first scorer).

Why know sports betting terms?

When you set foot in this field of sports betting, understanding the slang and concepts in the sports betting industry will bring you countless advantages, specifically:

  • View, read and understand the odds table offered by the bookmaker from Europe to Asia.
  • Know how to synthesize data and information about the match to make accurate betting decisions.
  • Increase your betting experience, so you know how to change to improve your betting method to increase your winning rate.
  • Understand advanced betting tips and tricks from the pros because they all speak slang or jargon when sharing experiences.
  • You can confidently exchange and bet with other bettors. Don’t be afraid of being “wrong” because you don’t understand all the terms that other bettors share.


Understanding the above sports betting terms will help you easily exchange and judge bets with other bettors. Also understand the analysis of online sports betting by professional players at W88 sport. It is best for you to save this sports betting glossary or make a note in a separate notebook, it will be the place to draw your experience in the betting process.