What is a Prop Bet? Explain this type of betting in Sports

What is a Prop Bet

Prop Bet is a special type of sports bet in which the outcome of the bet does not depend on the final score of the match, it helps bettors avoid being emotionally influenced in their betting decisions.

What is a Prop Bet in Sports?

Prop betting is a type of sports bet that you can win no matter who wins the match or what the final score is. This does not happen when you predict the most common types of sports bets such as over/under bets, moneyline bets or spread bets where you win the bet based on the number of points scored in the game, which team wins the game.

A popular prop bet that will affect the score is number of goals, number of baskets, number of home runs, etc. that the player you trust scores. Let’s check out some other random prop bets in online sports betting that you can try:

  • How many strikes or balls a baseball pitcher throws in a particular time frame.
  • Who will score first in a match?

If you want to make money online sports betting but don’t have much capital, prop betting is a great choice for you. That’s because you can expect higher payouts compared to standard bets while also keeping your expectations low when investing in prop bets, making your emotions less affected if you lose bet.

Please note that in many cases, the player you bet on may not appear in that match. This usually voids any prop bets involving that player. Other situations that may invalidate your prop bet include postponement of the match or change of venue. Suspended matches may also result in the cancellation of prop bets by your bookmaker.

Specific example of Prop Betting on Sports

Prop bets in basketball

The most common prop bets in basketball will be the number of points a certain player will have, the number of assists or rebounds a particular player will have. For example, do you think Stephen Curry made 7.5 assists in the game? If he has 8 or more assists, you win then your bet wins.

Some popular bookmakers like W88 also offer prop bets on past NBA games for which player is most likely to commit the first technical foul.

Prop bets in soccer

For example, the number of touches a player will score, who will have the first touch of the ball, the distance traveled during the match by a player.

For example a standard football prop bet might be whether Robert Lewandowski will score more than 1 goal. You win if he gets 2 goals or more, lose if he doesn’t score in that match.

Or big soccer matches will have more confusing prop bets like “Does any player take off their shirt after scoring?”

Prop bets in baseball

If you like baseball, you can bet on whether Max Scherzer will get through nine strikeouts. Or you can bet on a certain player’s number of home runs, base hits. Or maybe bet the number of fans who will catch a ball in the World Series.

Not to mention there are many great side bets such as:

  • Which brand has the most commercials during coffee breaks?
  • Who is the second player to touch the championship cup?


Prop betting is sometimes considered a fun betting game that does not require the skill to look at the statistics of the game. Prop bets are not as popular as standard bets, so sometimes you can find an edge because the bookmaker doesn’t care as much about it.

Maybe you’re a big fan of a certain small team and you’ve seen a little-known player explode in an upcoming match, then it’s your chance to invest in prop bets.

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