W88 Withdrawal – How to W88 withdraw money successfully

W88 withdrawal is the step that many players love the most. Follow to W88 withdrawal process bellow for yourself guys.

W88 Withdrawal

How to W88 withdrawal steps for safely?

Withdrawal money is one of the basic steps every player needs to master when play betting. After winning the bet, W88 withdrawal is very simple with many methods and does not take much waiting time. W88 bookie has built a website on a fast, convenient and economical basis so that anyone can withdraw money after reading it once. Let’s do it together after seeing the steps to withdraw from W88!

Step 1: Transfer funds from the secondary account to the main account

To W88 withdraw money, you need to transfer funds to your main account. Simply understand that this form of Fund Transfer will bring the money from the accounts in the types of entertainment (Sports betting, Online Casino, Slot …) to the original Account Fund.

Withdraw W88

Under W88 Withdrawal and W88 Deposit, choose to transfer funds. At this point, you will have to fill in the following information:

  • Transfer Fund From: Select the Fund of the account you want to transfer. Each Fund from various types of entertainment will have a corresponding account. For example, if you want to withdraw money at ESports, please select this option
  • Transfer Fund To: Transfer to Primary Account for withdrawal W88.
  • Transfer Amount: Enter the amount from the respective account fund you wish to withdraw.

After completing these steps, click “Confirm” to transfer back to your primary account.

Step 2: Declare banking information

To withdraw money with a bank account, you need to update your account information. If there is a message in the Withdrawal – Bank Transfer section: “Please click here to update your bank information for express deposit and withdrawal”, you will have to update the information first.

Click on the words “here” on the notice to proceed with the update. Another window will pop up, you need to select your Bank account and fill in the following information correctly:

  • Bank: Select the Bank you want to W88 withdraw of money.
  • Bank Branch: Enter the bank branch where you registered your information to open a bank account.
  • Bank Address: Select the province / city where you open your bank account.
  • Your Bank Account Number: Enter correct bank account number follow your W88 register before.

After completing these steps, click “Confirm” to update information.

Step 3: W88 Withdraw money via bank transfer

After completing the above 2 steps, please select “Withdraw” in “My Account” interface. In this section, select “Bank Transfer” and fill in the following information:

W88 Withdrawal

  • Withdrawal Amount: Select your desired amount. Note, it is necessary to remove 3 zeros at the end of the money value you want to withdraw. For example, if you want to withdraw 200 $ AUD, just enter 2.
  • Bank: Select the Bank from which you want to withdraw money.
  • Bank Branch: Enter the branch of the Bank where you registered your account opening information.
  • Bank Address: Enter the address of the bank where you open your account. May not need to be filled out accurately, just district and province / city.
  • Your Bank Account Name: Fill in EXACTLY the name of the registered bank account holder.
  • Your Bank Account Number: Enter the bank account number you want to receive money from.
  • Phone Number: Enter your phone number. Note, the dealer has given the area code, so when you enter the phone number you will remove the leading 0.
  • Tick ​​the box to receive Notify Me Via Mobile Messages if you want to receive SMS notifications about money about your account.

Above are the reviews of 3 ways to W88 withdraw of money as well as instructions for withdrawing by bank transfer, the most popular and easiest method at W88 Australia.

  1. Advantages of withdrawing money at W88 Australia:
  2. The biggest advantage of withdrawing money through a bank account is convenience and not too long waiting time. Just own a bank account, you can withdraw money at any time.
  3. Currently the W88 bookie is supporting withdrawals at many major banks in Australia. With these big banks, players will only have to wait about 15-30 minutes for the money to update to their accounts.
  4. In addition, the method of withdrawing money via bank accounts also supports payment with very large denominations of the day. The W88 dealer allows a minimum amount of 50 $ per withdrawal and a maximum of 5000 $ per withdrawal. Each day, players are granted a maximum withdrawal limit of up to $ 15,000.


The above are reviews on how to W88 withdrawal of money is advised to follow . This is the most common, safest and easiest method. Everyone will be happy W88 withdrawal money when they win, right? Right now, enjoy it!