What is an Each Way betting? Explain how it works in detail

Each Way betting

Each way betting on W88 Sportsbook consists of two bets of equal cost, a winning bet on your selection to win an event and a certain end bet which is predetermined by the bookie. That’s why betting each way requires a total bet of $10 ($5 winnings and $5 positions). Find out more about how Each way betting works in the W88 bookie explanation below.

Each way betting explanation on W88 bookie

Two parts of Each way betting

In each way betting, there are 2 separate parts that you need to pay attention to to be able to place bets and allocate bet capital properly, as follows:

  • Win Bet: Win if the selection wins in the event they are competing in.
  • Place bet: Wins if the selection ends in the specified number of places.
  • If your selection wins then both your win and the bet portion of your bet each way return.
  • If your selection is placed then only the bets placed each way will return money.

How do you bet each way on W88 online bookie?

To bet each way, there are three important things that W88 players need to keep in mind.

  • Odds: This is the odds for the win of your each way bet and prescribes (together with the fractions of each way) the odds for your each way bet.
  • Positions Each Way: These slots tell you the slot of your choice that must be completed in order to bet on your position to win. The slots offered may vary according to the league and sport you choose to bet each way on W88 online.
  • Fractions Each Way: The odds for your bet are a fraction of the odds of winning, because your selection has a greater chance of placing than winning.

Once you are aware of these factors, you can tick the box each way (EW) on your betting site’s table and place your bets each way. Remember that your bet will be doubled for every bet on W88, so allocate your stake properly.

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How many places are paid when betting each way on W88 bookie?

The number of places that are paid out for bets each way is at the discretion of your bookmaker and is indicated where the markets are listed. It forms part of the terms each way along with the odds placed (see below).

Each Way Bets Explained

In horse racing betting explained, a generally recognized minimum number of places each way is offered based on the size of the field in the race.

What does each way mean in betting

How much will you be paid if you win each way betting?

The winnings of each way betting depend on a number of factors. The most important of each way betting in horse racing is that your horse won the race, or is it just placed? And more importantly, what odds did you get on each way bet?

For example, in case your horse wins (1st place) with a payout of 40/1 and you have bet $5 each way, the total bet is $10.

The $5 ‘win’ portion of your bet pays a multiplier of $200 ($5 x 40/1) plus the original $5 ‘win’ returned, giving you $205 both capital and profit.

You will also be paid on the “place” portion of the each way bet. However, W88 bookie will only pay 1/5 of the odds quoted on the ‘bet’ section on major horse racing events.

Your $5 ‘place’ part pays $40 using a formula like this: 1/5 40/1 is 8/1, $5 * 8/1 = $40 and your initial $5 bet is returned, giving you an amount of $45.

So if you win the bet each way, you will win a total of $250 with only a $10 stake, super profit.


Above is an explanation of each way betting and how it works when betting on W88 online bookie. The same example below shows you that each way betting is a very profitable bet for players betting on W88 online bookie. Apply immediately in your next bet.

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