What is European Handicap? European handicap betting strategy

European Handicap

To increase the odds of winning when betting on European handicap, understanding what the European handicap is is extremely important and accounts for 70% of the player’s chance of winning. So follow the article below from W88 experts to understand European handicap strategy.

What is European Handicap?

European Handicap is abbreviated as 1X2 bet and another name 3-way bet. When looking at the football betting table of the W88 bookie, if you see a table with a column that says 1X2, it is the European handicap.

The European handicap has a very simple way of playing because it only has 3 doors for players to bet on: win, lose and draw. Where 1 is the symbol of the home team and 2 is the symbol of the away team.

European handicap usually has 2 main cases as follows:

  • The blue column part is the European odds for the whole match, also denoted FT 1X2. The applicable time of this bet is the official 90-minute playing time and the injury time of both halves. Especially, this bet does not include the time of 2 extra periods and penalty kicks (if any).
  • The yellow column is the European odds only calculated during the first half or is also denoted as 1H 1X2. The time of this bet is 45 minutes of the first half and plus the extra time of the first half.

What are the European odds of winning?

In European rafters, the winning rate is divided equally among all 3 doors. Therefore, the win, lose or tie door has a rate of 33.333%. Players can bet on 2 doors such as the home win and even a tie, the win rate is now 66,666%.

European Handicap odds of winning

Absolutely should not bet on all 3 doors because surely this way of playing will only make the player lose their initial capital.

Highly effective European handicap betting strategy

Choose a reasonable European betting time

3 – 5 days before a match is usually the time when the bookmaker has the least fluctuation in European football odds. This is also the time period that players should bet according to the experience of the W88 masters.

Tactics, starting lineups, form and playing mentality are the top determinants of a team’s victory. These factors will change continuously as they prepare. Therefore, betting articles that are too far from the match will not update the changes in time.

Therefore, if you want to bet on a European handicap, players should choose the odds, judge as close to the match as possible.

European handicap betting strategy 1st half

The first half should be tied (X), because in the first minutes the two teams tend to play tentatively. Therefore, the players often rarely give their all to attack.

European Handicap betting

Despite being the weaker team, in the first few minutes of the match they were still able to play with high concentration and good defensive organization.

European handicap strategy for the whole match

Tie bets on full-time 1X2 should be discarded if there is a difference in qualifications between the two sides. In the last minutes of the match, often the upper hand team will try their best to win, the lower team due to poor physical and technical skills, the competition is no longer focused, leading to easy mistakes.

Updating European handicap betting information on forums betting

Forums betting are a reference place that is being chosen by many players as a place to update European handicap news. Because here the information is given by longtime players and experienced members.

Therefore, this analytical information is very close to reality and is not theoretical, but based entirely on personal experience, very easy to understand and apply.

Other tips from W88 experts

Based on the handicap rate: The top team always handicaps the bottom team. Although the handicap is only used in Asian handicaps, players should also observe the whole thing.

Based on odds: The higher rated team has a lower odds. But players absolutely do not see high odds that bet.


Above is information about European handicaps as well as strategies to help you make sure you win up to 80 – 90%. Hopefully with these shares, you’ve got yourself effective European handicap betting strategies when betting at the reputable W88play bookie.