Terms and Conditions

When players understand the Terms of Conditions, participating in the W88 Australia house will become easier. Strictly follow the terms and conditions before playing.

Terms of Conditions

When accessing the W88au.net site, players need to understand the terms of use here. You have the right to participate in the service or read articles on W88au.net; but it is imperative to secure the rights and comply with the following terms.

Terms and Conditions

By joining the website, you agree to the use of betting and casino information provided by W88au.net. The information about the terms is carefully listed by me.

The first thing to do is read the information about the services carefully. This helps in understanding the exact information requirements.

The player’s personal information is stored Cookies for use.

Customer information security policy is always the top priority and is guaranteed to be safe.

W88au.net disclaims responsibility for the dispute between the player and the bookmaker. If there is a problem to complain about when a dispute occurs, quickly contact the competent authority to resolve.

Must be 18 years of age or older and assume all legal responsibility in Australia.

Anyone who violates the policy of terms of use and participation conditions at the Website will be handled according to our rules. Final decisions when processed are decided by W88au.net.

Commit to terms of use and conditions of participation

  • Be at the age of 18 to bear all your responsibilities. If you are not old enough, you are not allowed to play football or casino betting.
  • Read the full information provided by us on the website. Strictly obey our terms.
  • Inquiries about terms are updated on the terms of use page. You are responsible for monitoring the information.
  • If taking advantage of the service to misuse or violate the law, it will be strictly dealt with according to the principles of the law.
  • If you violate the service usage policies, your use of service will be terminated at W88au.
  • Agree to the privacy policy effects we provide when accessing the website.

Right to edit content

Information on the website is provided by the head and has the highest right to edit. The relevant information about the change of participation conditions is edited by the leader. When changing information, we will notify users to know. These changes are applied immediately.

The right to refuse all responsibility

No one has the right to affect or interfere with odds specifications. We disclaim the responsibility due to our inability to change this matter.

The responsibility for changing the raffle affecting the result of the match or hand belongs to the party that provides the market.

The player’s personal information, the bank account number are all self-managed by the player. We do not have the right to obtain personal information and will not be responsible when the player’s information is disclosed. Absolutely ensure not to disclose information to another third party.

The information about terms of use and conditions are carefully listed by us. Please read carefully the above terms to avoid unfortunate situations.