Betting odds explained – How the odds work in betting

Betting odds
Betting odds explained

When participating in football betting guide, the most important thing that players need to pay attention to before deciding to bet on a match is the betting odds. If you do not know what the odds are, it is very difficult to become a professional player. The following article from a W88 expert will explain to you what are betting odds and how to work betting odds.

What are betting Odds?

The term Odds is understood to refer to the exchange rate that the house pays the player if the prediction wins. Usually W88 will give different rates based on the factors of the match.

Not only that, but these betting Odds are not fixed but will change continuously when the game starts.

Learning the payout percentages for each game on W88 sports betting will help you calculate the winnings and find the high bets to participate in making a profit. Currently, at W88 football betting house, there are some Odds types for players to freely choose.

Analysis of 3 stages in Odds on W88 Online

In a match, there are always 3 stages of Odds that you should know. We will betting odds explained through the following stages:

Open Odds

These odds only appear in important matches and can be up to 2 weeks before the match takes place.

Depending on the match, the W88 house will offer a different betting time.

When the odds are open, players should refer to the information on the side of the match such as performance, match history, lineup, performance, playing tactics … to get the most accurate judgment.

Live Odds

This is the odds announced by the bookie 1 day before the match and can fluctuate continuously.

The reason is that there are many factors that affect this rate, especially when the number of players betting on 1 bet increases dramatically.

This volatility ensures that the house does not lose when most players predict correctly.

The Odds betting change is the house’s way of rebalancing the number of players on the two bets.

Running Odds

When the match is happening, the house also offers the odds and is called Running Odds.

At this point, the bets on the 2 doors are balanced. They will fluctuate continuously throughout the game and depend on how the game is going.

If you do not know how the house makes the bet, it is easy to get caught up in the virtual parameters that bet money at their discretion. Since then, it has been overturned and lost money unjustly.

How do betting odds work
How do betting odds work

How to calculate W88 Odds – Effective odds calculation formula

Currently, there are 3 main sources of Odds screening:

  • Next Goal.
  • Fixed Odds or 1×2.
  • Online bookmakers, like W88 betting bookie.

Odds betting is also quite complicated, but we can go into a real-life example to make it easier to understand as follows.

If Fixed Odds has odds of 1.75, 2.3, 4.5, then we will see the corresponding symbols on the bet table as:

  • F1: 1.75 – Correctly predicting the home team to score the first will have 1.75 odds.
  • FX: 2.3 – Odds when neither team scores is 2.3.
  • F2: 4.5 – The away team to score first is 4.5.

We will calculate the probability of scoring for the above 3 cases using the formula:

  • m1 = 1/n1 = 1/1.75 = 57.1%
  • mX = 1/nX = 1/2.3 = 43.4%
  • m2 = 1/n2 = 1/4.5=22.2%

In fact, this rate will be higher than it actually is and is calculated by the formula: [T = m1 + mX + m2 = 57.1 + 43.4 + 22.2 = 122.7%]

Experience analyzing how Odds work on W88 so that bets always win

Confident, calm to have the most accurate analysis and judgment.

No big bets, no all in no matter how good the game is. You must know how to manage your capital effectively and worry about the future.

Refer to the information that the W88 house regularly offers and many sources to make the most accurate judgment.

You can refer to the analysis and experience of professional players on W88.

Follow the Odds that the W88 house offers near the match day to know the selection trend of the majority of players.


The detailed explanations of odds in the article free betting tips shared by W88 sports betting experts are certainly very helpful for you when you start betting. Once you understand how do betting odds work sports and are calculated, you will also be more confident when betting.

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