How to play Orient Animals Fishing online for real money

Orient Animals Fishing online

Orient Animals Fishing online is one of the new games based on the online shooter platform available on W88 online bookie. When coming to this game, players will experience many outstanding features and high quality images and sounds. Let’s learn more about this interesting game through the article below of W88.

Online Orient Animals Fishing Guide

Orient Fishing Animals online brings W88 players to the vast ocean world with many different types of rare fish. Players when participating in the game will have a sense of excitement when hunting these rare fishes. With an eye-catching 3D interface, along with vivid sound, it gives players a realistic feeling like diving under the ocean.

How to play Orient Animals Fishing online

In addition to entertainment, Orient Fishing Animals also gives players a huge source of income from rewards when they catch fish. Orient Animals Fishing is a modern, convenient and beautiful online version of traditional table fish shooting.

You just need to do a few simple steps online to discover the ocean world for yourself. You can bet on the demo version if you are not familiar with the game. With this version, you don’t need to spend any money to still have a great experience, getting you ready for the upcoming real money battles.

Special features of Orient Animals Fishing

Orient Animals Fishing currently on W88 online is released with the latest version. At the same time, the game is also upgraded with many advanced features along with extremely high image quality. Some of the highlights of this game are as follows:

  • Multi-language support with multiple play styles.
  • Excellent game interface, vivid 3D visuals and realistic sounds.
  • There are many different bet levels for players to choose from: Newbie, Expert, VIP.

Paytable in the game Orient Animals Fishing

After learning how to play Orient Animals Fishing online, players must note that it has many different levels. That is, the amount of bonus that the player receives depends on the type of fish that the player hunts.

Paytable in the game Orient Animals Fishing

In particular, the publisher and W88 also have a refund mode for players. Here is the paytable that W88 players need to pay attention to:

  • Gold Slate, 100 – 300X
  • Purple Slate, 100 – 500X
  • Green Slate, 100 – 500X
  • Orange Slate, 100 – 800X
  • Positive Slate, 100 – 1000X
  • Golden Slate, X1000
  • Orient Animal Treasure, X1800

In addition, players can also choose to use some special Weapons such as:

  • Fortune Bazooka: The player will get 10x, and an extra 20 – 100 free bullets.
  • Mega Drill: The player will get 10x, and the first Mega Drill shot is free.
  • Electromagnetic Cannon: Players will get 10x, and free to shoot the Electromagnetic Cannon.
  • Frozen Bomb: The player will get 5x, and immediately freeze all fish on the screen until the freezing effect ends.

Effective rules when playing Orient Animals Fishing

When you want to start participating in any game on W88, players need to know the rules of the game so that they can easily win.

Players need to focus on killing each target if the fishes appear on the screen but swim individually. Only when the fish appear in a school does the player use special weapons to catch them.

Players should immediately destroy the fish that appears on the screen because these fish are easier to identify. This fish shooting strategy helps players not to lose too many coins, kill fish in the shortest time and win rewards.

Players should also consult and choose for themselves a good gun to aim more accurately and kill fish faster.

Professional fish shooting players on W88 recommend that you choose for yourself a weapon that is suitable for the characteristics of each type of fish you want to shoot.


Above is the basic information about Orient Animals Fishing online on W88 casino. We still regularly update new features, attractive rewards for this game. Join today and win rewards.

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