What is Scalping in Sports Betting? Basic Guide

What is Scalping in Sports Betting

An easy to use betting technique, ‘Scalping‘ is a betting method that relies on taking advantage of small, short-term price movements and changes on a W88 bookmaker. This way of sports betting allows bettors to make small but regular profits across a variety of markets, by exploiting the differences in the odds available.

What is Scalping in Sports Betting?

Scalping is the process of taking advantage of small, short-term changes in betting odds to make small profits with relatively low risk. It involves placing bets on both sides of an active bet and hoping to be matched at slightly different prices.

To make a profitable trade, it is best to start with the end in mind, considering the possible outcomes before placing your bet. Although the profits are very small, you can make a large trading volume in a short time. For example, you may only make £3 profit per trade, but you can do this on every market hundreds/thousands of times per day using the right software.

The first thing to do when starting Scalping in sports betting trading is to decide which market is most suitable for you. Horse racing is the most popular option, but surfing can be done with almost any sport. It is best to become familiar with the market you are trading before placing any bets.

You can simply watch how the odds fluctuate before and during an event. This will give you a clear idea of how much you can bet without taking on too much risk and when the best time to bet is. Scalping trading during an event is more risky.

With horse racing, you run the risk of the horse you have just bet on falling into the next obstacle before you can exit your position and you will therefore lose the entire amount of your bet.

Most bets are placed just before the race begins, causing fluctuations in new odds. This is the time chosen by many speculators to place bets. It’s best to do your research, understand what the market is doing and how different sports behave in different ways before diving into scalping.

Specific example of using Scalping in Sports Betting

Scalping is a short-term “in and out” trading strategy, with the aim of making very small profits from small odds fluctuations. To be successful, you must place two opposing bets, usually one or two prices apart, to ensure a profit. You can do this by offering an initial bid that is slightly lower than the market price, waiting until it matches that price and then taking the bid slightly higher. You can then use the software to ensure uniform profits across all results.

Examples of scalping in soccer:

Manchester City are at 2.00 odds to win the match. You bet up to $200 for Man City to lose with odds of 2.02. Once both offers are matched, you’ll have a potential profit of £400 if City don’t win, but a refund of £404 if they win (commission not included).

Scalping is predicting rapid price changes in the market. For example, if a popular broadcaster gives advice on a horse race, this will usually cause more people to bet on that horse and therefore cause the odds to fluctuate. Those who accurately predict price fluctuations will take advantage of it to apply scalping techniques.


Betting odds during the event are much different than betting before the event. Before an event, a change in odds is often due to a quantifiable event occurring, such as one of the horses being injured before the race. The odds will then adjust according to this news and will eventually settle at the new price.

If you are very knowledgeable about horse racing and can quickly take advantage of news about a race before it starts, you can make a profit before an event using Scalping in Sports Betting.

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