Sports Betting Guide: How to bet on Sports online for beginners

Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting is always a game that is loved by many people and has great attraction in the world and on the prestigious W88 bookmaker. Today, the expert of the W88au bookie will guide you how to bet on Sports easily and easily win bets.

What is Sports betting?

Sports betting is a form of online entertainment in which players predict the outcome of any battle on the prestigious online of us. If the prediction is correct, you receive the corresponding bonus with the odds placed from the beginning.

Follow our guide to betting on some of the featured sports that you can bet on include:

Some of the featured sports that you can bet on include betting on football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, etc.

Sports betting rules on W88 online bookie

Understanding Odds

Currently, the W88 Sportsbook offers 4 main odds including: European odds, Hong Kong odds, Malaysia odds, and Indonesia odds. You should pay attention in choosing the ratio so that you can have many advantages when the odds differ.

Result and bet calculation

The outcome of a match will be determined on the day the match ends, unless otherwise specified for each sport or match.

Bets are usually settled after the match ends. However, for the benefit of the Customer, some bets will be settled by W88 before the official results are announced.

In-play betting rules

In-play bets are bets placed while the match is in progress. There are many different types of bets that are open for the duration of the match.

All In-Play bets are subject to systematic validation. This may result in pending confirmation (or rejection) of each bet.

Regulation of betting time

If the match is played before regular time, only bets placed before the start of the match will be considered valid. Bets placed after the match has started will be void, except for In-Play bets.

For matches with injury or interruption time, this time is considered part of regular time. Extra time is only counted in the cases specified in each specific game rule.

Maximum winnings

The maximum amount that you can win in a day, regardless of the stake, is 1,500,000 USD or foreign currency equivalent. This amount includes single bets and consecutive bets.

The following are specific regulations on the maximum winnings for each game:

  • Football and Basketball – 1,500,000USD
  • Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball – 300,000USD
  • Other subjects – 200,000USD
  • New Bets – 25,000USD

For multiple bets with different maximum winnings, the smallest maximum will apply.

Symbols of a basic Sports bet on W88

The first and most important thing players need to understand when viewing a Sports betting guide is the symbols in sports betting, which are as follows:

How to bet on Sports
How to bet on Sports online for beginners
  • FT (Full-time): Bets are based on full match time + injury time.
  • HT (Half-time): Bets are based on 1st half time + injury time.
  • ET (Extra-time): Overtime.
  • The team above, below is the home team and the away team, respectively.
  • Red: the team has a handicap.
  • Black: The accepted team.
  • Neutral team: Organize somewhere else, top and bottom doesn’t matter and have the “N” sign.
  • HDP: Handicap, the result is calculated according to the win/loss of the match combined with the previous number of goals (handicap).
  • O/U: Play in the style of over and under goals. Players are only interested in the total number of goals that the W88 house offers. Players predict by less or more than that number.

The above terms let you know what type of bet you are going to participate in, for example: FT.HDP: Handicap for the whole match, FT.O/U: Over and under for the whole match, …..

Basic types of bets when betting on W88 sports

Bet on winning team

In football it is 1X2 European bet, in other sports it is money line betting. The essence of this type of bet is to bet on the team that will win the match and for each bet, there are different odds.

Sports handicap

In this bet, the W88 bookmaker online will evaluate the strength of the two teams, then will divide the upper and lower door teams. In the handicap, the top team will handicap the underdog by a specific number of goals (or scores), called the handicap.

Players will predict and bet on the winning team after adding the handicap for the bottom team.

In addition to the basic bets above, there are a few other side bets when you look at how to bet on Sports online. Based on the characteristics of each sport, the bookie will offer additional types of rafters, increasing the variety and attractiveness of the rafters.


Above are all the most detailed guide to sports betting on the reputable W88 bookie to help you both entertain and make money from your passion. Do not forget to update more sports betting experiences and betting tips for each subject to ensure winning.