What is Handicap Betting? Notes when playing handicap betting

Handicap betting
Handicap betting explained

In the field of online football betting, Handicap betting is the type of bet with the largest number of players. Because most people think that this type of bet is very easy to play, the reward rate is high. So do you know what Handicap is? If we play Handicap, how do we play?

In the article below, we will explain clearly about Handicap bets in football betting, as well as answer other information related to this type of bet.

What is Handicap betting?

Handicap betting also known as the Asian handicap, is mainly based on the Odds of the European house. After that, bookies in the Asian region will begin to offer handicaps specifically for the Asian region to participate in betting. This type of Handicap will be calculated in its own way but not too complicated.

Odds means the amount of winnings in a match set by the house. Almost every bookmaker has a team to research football odds. They will conduct research and calculations, then give reasonable odds for each match. Of course, these odds offered must be suitable for the needs of the player, that’s why Handicap has a large number of participants at W88.

How to calculate Handicap betting odds in online football betting

How to calculate Handicap betting odds
Types of Handicap Betting odds

Because this is a type of football bet with a large number of players. So there will be many different Handicap betting odds when you follow the football bet guide. Each type of handicap will be a different calculation, we need to understand how to read this handicap. As follows:

  • Same level bet: 2 teams will play normally, no handicap at all.
  • Handicap 0.25 goal: The strong team ranked above will handicap the weak team ranked below 0.25 points. In case you bet on the strong team, if the 2 teams tie, you will lose 1/2 of your bet, if the strong team wins, you will win enough money, and if the strong team loses, you lose the entire amount.
  • Handicap 0.5 goal: That is, the strong team above will accept the weak team below as half a goal. If the two teams tie, the bettor on the strong team will lose, the bet on the weak team will win all the money.
  • Handicap 0.75 goal: that is, the strong team above will handicap the weak team below 0.75 points. In terms of calculation, it is similar to the 0.25 point handicap or 0.5 point handicap, but when you bet on the strong team above and want to eat enough bets, that team must win by 2 goals or more.
  • Handicap 1 goal: That is, the strong team above will handicap the weak team below by 1 point. If two teams tie, the bettor on the bottom team will win. In case the strong team above wins against the weak team below by only 1 goal, it is considered a draw. If the upper team loses to the lower team, you will lose all your bets.

Handicap betting experience for players

Should choose the game carefully

The bigger the match, the higher the odds will be. Therefore, you have to look up and update the information of the two teams, see how the current strength of the two teams is, whether the performance is stable or not. If you encounter derby matches or competitive football matches, remember to bet right away.

Should bet each half

Follow handicap betting guide this is how professional bettors often play at Australia; because when participating in this type of bet, the probability of winning will be higher. Many players have applied the Handicap betting method for each round and the odds of winning are quite high.

Choose a handicap betting with reasonable odds

But it also depends on the game. If you play for a long time, you will immediately realize which bets are potential bets. In particular, everything is subject to change, so you should keep a close eye on the match time frame to make reasonable adjustments.

Choose the right time to bet

This means that when you first enter the match, you will carefully observe the game’s progress, then choose the lowest bet. When the game is stable, you will see that the situation of the match has many advantages, you will gradually increase the bet amount.

Conclusion on handicap betting

Thus, our sharing here has ended. Through this article, you must have understood the concept of Handicap betting, as well as understand how to bet Handicap in Asian football betting effectively.

Wish you have moments of entertainment with your favorite team and don’t forget to share this article about betting tips free with your friends when they need what is Handicap betting explained.