W88 Deposit – How to W88 deposit easy & quickly

W88 Deposit quickly if you know the right steps! You can make W88 deposit by bank transfer or Neteller e-wallet in the article below.

W88 Deposit

How to W88 Deposit with 3 basic steps?

When participating in online betting games at W88, if you are a new member or your betting account does not have enough money to play; you need to make W88 deposit to your betting account. The W88 deposit procedure will be simple for longtime players at this dealer.

However, for new players, the deposit procedure is quite complicated for them. Therefore, in this article we would like to share with you the methods of W88 deposit quickly.

Step 1: Get bank account information of W88

There are 2 ways to get bank account information on W88.

– Option 1: Get support from the staff by clicking on the chat button on our homepage, then ask for your account information.

– Option 2: Click on “MONEY TRANSFER”, choose the back that you want to use. We have a list of several big banks here in the list.

Step 2: W88 Deposit from bank account

Deposit W88

After having W88’s account information, players can choose to top up their W88 account through the following forms: direct transactions at banks, transfer via ATMs or Internet Banking.

Note: Do not transfer money other than the banking system because it will take at least 24 hours for W88 to receive the money and the money to your account will be delayed for updating. Therefore, please try to use the bank that affiliates with us depositing money to W88.

Step 3: Declare information about money transfer at website W88

After performing step 2, in order for W88 to confirm that the money has been deposited into your account, you need to log in to your W88 account and proceed to report money transfer information. Keep the receipt until your money is on your balance. To make a declaration, you need to do the following:

W88 deposit methods

– Log in to your W88 account and click on the “Transfer” button.

– Fill in all the necessary information in the sheet appears. Then choose “Send money”. Here, you proceed to fill out the information on the deposit confirmation form. The information includes: Bank account; Date / time of deposit; Deposit methods; File (Deposit Receipt); Your bank.; Your bank account name; Reference number; Deposit money into a wallet; Promotion code.

– Please check your balance after 2 – 3 minutes.

The above are three specific and very detailed steps for all new players to join W88 Australia successfully.

Some major banks in Australia

As with most all developed countries, it is imperative in Australia to have a bank account and use the card for your payments. Moreover, these banks often have their own app, high security system with fast working performance and more safety. May be mentioned as: Commonwealth Bank Australia – CBA; Australia and New Zealand Banking Group – ANZ; Nation Bank of Australia – NAB; Westpac Banking Corporation.

Notes to know when depositing into W88 Australia accounts

  1. When making a W88 deposit by wire transfer to a local bank, players need to keep an invoice for verification as needed.
  2. The amount entered on the dealer will cut the last 3 zeros. For example, when a player deposits AUD $ 200 in their account, they only enter 2 AUD on the dealer.
  3. When recharging via Quick Pay, players need to ensure the balance in their account and use Internet Banking and the banking system.
  4. To top-up with mobile scratch cards, players will incur transaction fees. Scratch card fee will change from time to time so players should check before recharging. The Player should also keep the scratch cards until the transaction has been confirmed successfully.
  5. In addition to the dealer banks that support the link, players can also transfer money from other banks. However, the transaction time will last longer and the deposit to the account will be up to 24 hours.


W88 deposit operation you can choose from one of the methods that we offer. If you have any problems or need further assistance with your W88 withdrawal please contact us to resolve your questions as soon as possible. No matter how you top up by using a bank or e-wallet, it’s equally fast. W88 deposit and join us play gambling, online betting today.