What is a Moneyline Bet? Moneyline betting explained in sports

Moneyline betting explained

Participating in sports betting, you will be able to choose from many different bets to predict the outcome of the match. In which Moneyline betting explained is an extremely popular type of bet in many sports betting today. Let’s find out what is a Moneyline betting in the article shared by the expert of the W88 bookmaker below.

What is a Moneyline Bet?

Moneyline bets are very popular in the US and each team/person in a moneyline match is given a unique numerical value for bettors to place bets on and these are called “odds”.

Moneyline markets are bets on which player or team you believe will win, or have a higher rating after the match ends.

This is the most basic form of betting, players will only need to predict the winning team, regardless of the exact score.

The numbers, or odds, are determined by the W88 bookie providing the odds and the sportsbook based on the head-to-head record and recent form of the two opponents and each number is shown with a sign minus (-) or plus sign (+) in front.

How is the Moneyline bet calculated on W88?

Moneyline odds are based on a $100 bet, with the stronger rated team getting a negative number (-) and the weaker team getting a positive odds (+).

For example odds at -140 in moneyline means that winning bets will give you $100 profit when you initially bet on them $140. The odds of +140 mean that you spend $100 and make $140 in profit if you win.

Moneyline betting calculator
Moneyline betting calculator

In short:

  • Negative odds tell you how much you need to bet to make $100 profit if your bet wins.
  • Positive odds tell you how much you will win if you place $100 and your bet wins.

In which sports on W88 should Moneyline bets be chosen?

There are many sports where Moneyline betting can be applied such as basketball betting, boxing betting, tennis betting, league of legends betting, volleyball betting, etc.

Choose a sport that has no or is difficult to get a draw result, for example boxing , tennis, or choose the sport that you know the most about the two teams to increase your chances of winning.

Many players choose tennis as a sport to especially bet on Moneyline because in tennis, the strength relationship between two athletes can be clearly determined. Even in terms of stability.

These bets often end with the winner for the top player because technique and performance do not depend too much on luck.

Moneyline bet example on W88 E-sports

In the match between team Flash and team GAM in the Vietnam League of Legends championship. The W88 bookie offers GAM odds of 5.2 , and Flash odds of 0.65

Based on the above ratio, since Flash’s bonus odds are up to 8 times lower than GAM’s, GAM will be the weaker rated team, and Flash the stronger team. The correlation of strength is so great that usually players should bet on Flash.

Of course, the team that is supposed to be the strongest will not always win, so you need to research carefully about the two teams before making a final decision.

  • If you bet on Flash and Flash wins, then for every $1000 you bet, you will get 1000 x 0.65 = $650. Your total winnings will be 650$ bonus + 1000$ bet = $1065
  • If you bet on GAM (the team is said to be weaker, so the bonus will be higher), and you win then you will get a bonus amount of 1000 x 5.2 = 5200. Your total winnings will be 5200 bonus + 1000 stake = $6200

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Note when betting moneyline on W88 bookie

When betting on moneyline, not every match shows a clear upper and lower odds. Therefore you need to study the factors related to the match to predict the winning team.

It is common in sports that teams often perform better at home, but there are also teams that excel when playing away from home. So you need to see if the recent results at home or away of the teams have an impact on the outcome of this match.

Every sports team goes through ups and downs during a season. No team is unbeaten all the time, so find out important variables like the team’s personnel situation, their motivation, head-to-head record, preferably the last 10 matches.


Moneyline bets in sports are the simplest bets available. When you bet on moneyline at W88 betting, you simply choose a door in any type of market to win. If the athlete or team you bet on wins, the W88 sportsbook at W88au.net will pay out according to the odds.