Tennis betting guide to win big and bet effectively at bookies

Tennis betting guide
Tennis betting guide to win

Have you ever participated in Tennis betting? The following article from a W88 sportsbook expert will guide you on how to play Tennis betting to the fullest. In any betting game, the more we understand the rules of the game, the higher our chances of winning will be, and so is in Tennis betting.

Rules for Tennis Betting on W88

All betting transactions are considered valid only when the match has ended. If the referee decides to restart the match, then the transactions in that match will be considered invalid.
If a player is unable to participate in a match or tournament as scheduled, all bets on this player (including all open bets on this player) will be considered void.

If a player or teammate withdraws or is disqualified during the match, bets on this match will be void.

All bets will be void If the venue is moved to another venue.

If the time of a scheduled match is changed plus or minus to divide the winner, all bets on that match will be void.

If a match is postponed or suspended, all bets will stand when the match is completed.

If open bets are placed on a player-by-player or game-by-set in a match, a match is suspended or a player is disqualified for the duration of the match/set, all bets will be refunded.

For parlay bets where the exceptions of the above matches are met, the par bets will automatically be settled. Example: 1 par bet has 3 matches, if 2 matches are postponed or suspended, this par bet is still valid, but only the remaining match will be won or lost in this case.

If a match is started before the announced schedule, bets placed before the start time will be considered valid. Otherwise,bets placed after the match has started are going to be considered void. (“In Game Betting” is still on and not effected).

Determine the final result of the match

In 4 championships (Australian Open, US Open, Solution Open and Wimbledon), the method of determining the results will be as follows:

  • For Men: the player who wins the first 3 games will win the whole match.
  • For Women: the player who wins the first 2 games will win the whole match.

Types of Tennis Bets on the bookmaker

How to bet on Tennis
How to bet on Tennis

Open Bets

Bets are open to customers to place on the final outcome of the match. This is the most popular how to bet on tennis today.

Handicap (Spread Handicap)

For Tennis, Handicap means Spread. With the Spread, the stronger player will hand a hand to the opponent and only take effect at the end of the game without affecting the first rule.

Over/Under (Total of games played in a tournament)

Open bets for players to place on the result of the total number of games taken in a match. Bets are settled on the outcome of the last game of the match.

Odd/Even Bets

This bet type will be based on the total number of games made, which will be Odd or Even to divide the winner.

First Game Winner Bets

Bettors will predict which player will win in the first game. Bets will still stand if a player quits after the first game has been completed.
However, if the first game is not completed, all bets on First Game Winner will be void.

In-play bets

Bettors who will place bets immediately after the match has started will be called In-Play bets. There are two types: In-Play Handicap and In-Play Over/Under. Bets will be accepted when the match is started, and in-play bets will be closed at the end of the match.

In-play, Handicap bets

The outcome of the bets placed will be determined according to the result after the match ends. To win: Bets placed on this bet type will be determined win/lose based on the final result of the match (not counting the time when the bettor is placing the bet).

In-play, Over/Under Bets

If the final result of the match has more total goals than the original prediction, it is called “Over”, otherwise it will be called “Under”.


Surely the above article has provided you with all the necessary information when betting on tennis at the prestigious W88 house. Learn tennis betting guide at W88 sportsbook today for a chance to win and bring many attractive rewards.