League of Legends betting guide: How to bet on LOL really safely

League of Legends betting guide

League of Legends is currently an extremely attractive fighting strategy game in the world. Therefore, the forms of betting on League of Legends are also developing extremely strongly at the prestigious W88 bookmaker. Read the following League of Legends betting guide to understand how to bet.

Big LOL tournaments can be bet at the W88 bookie

League of Legends (LOL) has many prestigious tournaments held during the year, such as World Final, Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), and Rift Rivals all held once a year.

Regional tournaments are held in spring and summer such as LCK in Korea, LPL in China, LMS in Taiwan, LCS NA in North America, EU LCS in Europe, VCS A in Vietnam server.

And the regions also have many other small tournaments such as Kespa Cup, Demacia Cup, VCS B, LCS Academy, etc.

Types of bets League of Legend on W88 online betting bookmaker

As you have referred to some of our articles on the topic of eSports – League of Legends, you also find that the form of betting on League of Legends is quite diverse.

Bet on which team will kill 5 lives first

This is considered a popular bet at the beginning of the game League of Legends. Watch the two teams carefully and predict which team will get the first 5 kills.

Maybe you still remember how hard SKT T1 was against Longzhu Gaming before. Or is it that GAM and AHQ have great gameplay in LoL but still get ganked and beaten by their opponents and lose the game.

Bet on which team has First Blood

You need to think about that a really long time, because league of legends is a very fierce killing game, fighting takes place continuously at every hot spot on the map.

The opponents are not the same size, but the skill is not as good as the gank strategy on the map. Master players sometimes get knocked down very simply, especially pro players who play in stealth mode.

So find out each player’s fighting style and see what characters they usually use, have the ability to create first blood and place a bet.

1st Half Winner Bet

This is a betting door like placing on the winner of the 1st half when we bet on football. If you want to choose the right team that will win in match 1, let’s analyze the history of that team’s struggle from the past to now.

How to bet on League of Legends
How to bet on League of Legends

Moreover, let’s analyze what tactics they will apply in this match, how the coaches will make picks and bans.

LoL players often read each other’s playstyle and suppress the opponent very quickly, not hesitant or concerned like in football. This is also the obvious difference between eSports betting and sports/football betting.

Game 1 – Duration

Players will place bets after analyzing the play of both teams, and bet on whether the time of the battle is more or less than 35 minutes.


Bet on the top team to win or the bottom team to win based on the handicap. The result will be calculated based on the number of wins.

In addition, there are a number of other types of bets at the W88 house. But the above types of bets are the most popular, most bets by the majority of players.

Bet on Under/Over

The W88 bookie will give a number based on the statistics of the previous matches of the two teams, from which the player will bet whether the actual result of the match will be higher or lower than the number given by the dealer.

LOL betting experience is easy to win shared by W88 experts

Choose a reliable bookie

Currently, not many bookies open betting portals for e-sports, especially with LOL betting, so you should be careful in choosing where to play.

It is recommended to play at the safe W88 bookie, ensure the security of information is safe and there is no bad history in settling and paying bonuses to betting players.

Understand the capabilities of the team you choose

Teams are the direct object of your trust, money and time, so you need to understand how strong they are, how the players on the team can play to be able to bet confidently.


Above is the simplest and most detailed article on how to bet on League of Legends (LOL) and win money at the W88 bookmaker. Hope the above information and League of Legends betting guidelines will help you win your bets.

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