Basketball Betting – Guide to betting on basketball for beginners

Basketball Betting Guide

Demand for playing basketball betting is currently increasing in recent times. When the football betting market is so competitive it is wise to learn more about betting on basketball. And in the article below we will guide how to play the best basketball betting at W88. Surely this will be the most necessary and timely information for beginners.

Overall of Basketball Betting

Basketball betting is a type of betting where many odds are offered by bookmakers. In a basketball match, there will usually be 2 teams playing against each other, the match takes place within 2 halves, divided into 4 rounds (quarter). Thus, each round will play in 2 turns, 1 round will take place from 10 – 12 minutes.

If after 4 rounds of matches, two teams tie, the match will have a 5-minute extra time or more extra time to determine whether to win or lose.

Reputable basketball tournaments to bet

  • World Basketball Championship – FIBA Basketball World Cup: is the largest basketball tournament in the world to compete for the Naismith Trophy award. The men’s championship has been held every four years since 1970 and the women’s tournament has also followed a four-year cycle since 1986.
  • NBA American Professional Basketball Tournament: NBA stands for National Basketball Association or the American professional championship is the world’s leading professional basketball tournament with 29 American and 1 Canadian clubs participating.
  • Professional basketball in Southeast Asia: ABL – ASEAN Basketball League basketball tournament includes 6 countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Thailand, Vietnam and China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Established in 2009, the tournament was first held in October 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It can be seen that at W88 betting house you can fully participate in predicting results and winning money for major basketball tournaments around the world.

How to bet on basketball at W88?

Step 1: First, players need to register W88 account through the steps we instructed.

Step 2: The player will deposit money into account so that he can play bets.

Step 3: At this point, you should follow the table of basketball odds being provided by the dealer. Players should choose the right basketball matchup and placing their bets at the W88 dealer will help you win big bets.

Types of betting basketball

  1. 1st Half, 2nd Half betting: Follow basketball betting guide is a regular basketball game will have 4 sets. Each round defines a time of 10 minutes. W88 dealer rules: 1st half is calculated according to the results of set 1 and 2; The second half is based on the results of set 3 and set 4. The condition is that the game must be played throughout, without stopping midway or canceling the result. If this happens then 1st half and 2nd half bets will be void.
  2. Handicap: Usually, depending on the match going on, there will be a different odds, all of which are under the control of the house. Players need to place a wager before the match takes place, after the end of the round it will be through the result to know whether the bet you have wagered is win or lose.
  3. Parlays: Parlays do not dictate how many bets you must select at least or most. You would like to bet on 2, 3, 4 parlay. But only once you lose a bet, even if the remaining bets win, the final result of the parlay you have entered is a failure.
  4. Over / Under (O / U): W88 dealer will give you 1 random result. Players will bet on whether the score the two teams score will be higher, lower or equal to the score set by the dealer.

Experience when betting on basketball at W88 to win

  • Track Moving Lines – Trend of basketball betting: One of the smart betting ways is to follow players who bet better than you. We need to follow the trend of the chart to see every little movement of them. If you see them drop continuously and then increase again, then is a good time to bet.
  • Learn about the lineup: This is a secret, not a basketball ruse. However, it will help you to determine the basketball match more accurately and automatically before bet on basketball.
  • Be careful when betting on your favorite team: We all want our favorite team to win. Even so a gamer makes mistakes sometimes. Hopefully the team wins, even though it cannot make the odds lower. The best advice is probably to avoid betting on your favorite teams. Unless your basketball betting strategy guarantees you to win.
  • Consider the football team’s history: Pay attention to the teams that, after losing in previous matches, receive high ratings when going away. After losing their face on away field, for sure one thing they will give their all and burn in the next game.


Thus, the article products W88 about basketball betting at the prestigious W88 house is finished. Through this article, surely everyone has a better understanding of what kind of basketball betting is, right? In addition, if you want to play basketball betting, you should join W88 right away because of the large number of participants, diverse betting methods, good bonuses and many “free” money-giving programs.