Progressive Betting Systems Explained: Feature of this system

Progressive Betting Systems

Progressive betting is a betting system that can help you manage your betting capital and make a profit playing wagering games at the W88 house. The two most popular progressive betting systems are Paroli and Parlay. Let’s read the following article to understand what is a progressive betting on W88 link.

Benefits of using progressive betting

The progressive betting systems will work to the fullest when you are lucky and win continuously. And you should keep in mind that the progressive betting system should only be used for a short period of time.

Cumulative bets help you win big money with small capital. Of course, you should also remember that high profits mean high potential risks.

Popular progressive betting systems on W88 bookie

Labouchere progressive betting system

Henry Labouchere invented this betting strategy in 1831-1912. The Labouchere betting system uses progressive forward and backward progressive betting.

A player starts by jotting down a sequence of numbers, not necessarily in order. Each number represents one base bet.

For example, if you choose 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, your first bet is 10 base bets after adding the first and last numbers. If this bet wins, cross out the winning numbers and move on to the next two outside numbers.

Assuming the next bet fails, add it to the end of the sequence. Still in the above example, the new sequence of numbers will be 3, 5, 7, 10.

D’Alembert Progressive Betting System

Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, a French mathematician, invented this progressive system. With this system, you only need to have a basic knowledge of the casino to apply it effectively.

This system is a unique combination of insurance and negative progressive betting methods. The main aim is to recover your losses gradually by increasing your stake by one unit after each consecutive loss. This is considered a good progressive betting method.

On the other hand, you will reduce your bet by one unit after each win. Continue until you reach the minimum bet again.

For example, you have a unit size of $5, and you bet the entire amount and lose. Then you bet another 10$ and lose, your total loss – 15$. As if that wasn’t enough, you bet again $15 and lose, your total loss is – $30.

But luck will smile on you when you bet $20 to reduce your loss to -$10. After winning, you reduce your bet to $15. If you win, you will have a profit of $5 before going back to the minimum bet.

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Paroli progressive betting system

Using this progressive betting system your stake will increase when you win. However, the bet only increases when you win two hands in a row. For this progressive betting system, W88 experts recommend returning to the minimum bet level after three consecutive wins.

This is the perfect example of using the Paroli betting system. You bet in units of $5 and win. Then you increase your bet by one unit to $10 and win again. That gives you a $15 win.

Then you bet $20 and win which gives you $35 in profit. Now back to the minimum bet.
Martingale progressive betting system
Considered the pioneer of progressive betting strategies, the Martingale strategy uses negative progressive. That is, the founder of this progressive betting method encouraged punters to double their bets after losing a bet.

If you bet $5 and lose, Martindale’s method says you double your original bet to $10 and bet again.

If you lose again, add another $10 for a $20 bet. In the event of another loss, your bankroll would be – $35.

Now don’t give up and bet $40. If you win, you will add $5 to your betting account.

Do these progressive betting systems work?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when players apply progressive bets at the W88 bookmaker. But as noted above, the betting system cannot beat the house edge any time, any day.

They are only for making short term profits. Therefore, W88 experts recommend that you only apply a limit, and stop betting when there is a profit.


The above are the most popular progressive betting systems and are applied by many professional players at the W88 bookie from W88au. And the effectiveness has also been tested and confirmed to definitely bring profits to betting players.