Kung Fu Furry Slot – Review and how to play Kung Fu Furry Slot

Kung Fu Furry Slot

To be able to win when playing Kung Fu Furry Slot, you need to equip yourself with the most effective playing experience and tricks. However, this is not easy if you do not have the suggestions of those who have played before. So today let the W88 Slot experts guide you win and how to play Kung Fu Furry Slot.

Overview of Kung Fu Furry Slot

As from the game developer of W88 casino games, Gameplay Interactive, while creating the main theme for Kung Fu Fury, they must take into consideration many things. And finally they came up with the idea of 8 pay-lines alongside 3 game reels for Kung Fu Furry slot.

This is Asian martial arts themed online slot machine game and all the symbols are familiar items such as dog, cat, nunchucks, blades, batons and swords.

Kung Fu Fury offers you the power of wagering for as small as just $0.05 per spin which is one of the key considerations that makes W88 a must choice of yours. Additionally you furthermore may use all 8 lines to put a bet to the utmost of $600.

The wild symbols like scatter and battle symbol will help to increase your ability of a winning combination. The pay rate for this wild symbol is much higher than the other symbols, and even the jackpot of this game is considered as the highest among online betting sites.

How to play Kung Fu Fury Slot

Like another 3 reel online slot machines, the Kung Fu Fury slot from Gameplay Interactive is fun to play.

With symbols like ace, king, queen and jack you’ll easily end up into the Asian martial arts experience. To sum it up we expect Kung Fu Fury may be a good slot featuring above average wins and supporting sounds.

There is also a Maxbet button to choose when you want to all-in into the jackpot, and an Auto Spin button when you’re too lazy to spin.

How to play Kung Fu Furry Slot
How to play Kung Fu Furry Slot for beginners

Payout table

  • 3 x dog = x200
  • 3 x cat = x200
  • 3 x nunchucks = x100
  • 3 x curved blades = x75
  • 3 x crossed swords = x25
  • 3 x A = x10
  • 3 x King = x5

The sequence of the game

Step 1: Choose an amount that you want to bet. If you are a new player to Kung Fu Furry Slot, you can choose the lowest amount of the table to start with.

Step 2: After placing money, you hit the “Spin” button to start spinning.

Step 3: Your bonus will be based on the result of the reel. If it stops at the “battle symbols”, then the battle will be set to start and you can win more money from that by receiving 3 free spins.

Some experiences and tips to grasp when playing Kung Fu Furry Slot

Bonus reels with high probability of winning

When you spin the slot, the lines will appear, not you can choose any line. Because there are always jackpot lines and no jackpot lines. According to review Kung Fu Furry Slot of players from W88, the lines; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 19, 20 have high odds.

You can spin all 20 lines for a higher jackpot rate. However, if there are no conditions, you should absolutely not ignore the above lines.

Play small to win, then play more to hit the jackpot

Usually in the early games, the house will find a way to attract players. So all games will be easier to win in the early games. In other words, it will be easier for you to win when you first start playing.

Play in a way that keeps your bets low and plays a lot of games.

If you feel like it’s time for a jackpot to appear or the possibility of a high jackpot, you can bet large amounts.

Note with the first bets before going to the Jackpot, if you win in a row, you should keep the same bet, and when you lose, increase the bet. By this way you can win more than you expect. This is also considered a Kung Fu Furry playing experience and an important trick to win when playing Slot game online on W88 casino games.


So with this tutorial you can both know how to play Kung Fu Furry Slot on W88, and have valuable playing experiences shared from experts to participate in playing more effectively, win more money. Good luck on your betting games.

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