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Gameplay Interactive

Gameplay Interactive, also known as GPI, founded in 2013, is an online betting game manufacturer that provides slots games for many reputable bookmakers, including W88. Let’s find out more information about Gameplay Interactive and it’s worth-playing slots at the WW88club bookie in the following article.

General information about Gameplay Interactive

Gameplay Interactive provides software that is licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) in the Philippines. Gameplay Interactive (GPI) has a total of 80 3D Slot games with different themes and more exciting slot games will be added in the future. All games are played via Flash or HTML5, there is a trial version before playing for real money.

According to experts of W88, if you enjoy playing slots you can trust and play products from Gameplay Interactive because the company provides games to the highest standards.

In addition, Gameplay Interactive cannot ignore the production of games played on mobile devices such as Android and iOS. You can play slots easily from the website on your phone without having to download the app.

Gameplay Interactive also offers a wide range of exchange/slot games with low stakes to extremely high stakes. At some games, W88 finds the maximum bet up to $500 and sometimes the minimum bet is as little as $0.02.

Best Gameplay Interactive Slots at W88 bookie

These are the best Gameplay Interactive Slots to experience the feeling of winning at the bookmakers. You can choose to play 1 of the most attractive slot games at the W88 online bookie below.

Gameplay Interactive Slots

Lucky Tarot

Lucky Tarot is a slot game that is always in the top 20 games with the highest return for players. The RTP rate that we calculated is 97.4% . This means that if you spend an average of about $100 to bet, you will get $97.4.

Lucky Tarot is a game title designed by GPI Slots with many familiar features with vivid sound. Besides, the gameplay is considered to be extremely simple and authentic. Players will be attracted from the first time entering the world of Lucky Tarot.

Chilli Surprise

Chili Surprise is a slots game that offers an RTP of 96.67%. So this is also considered a game provided by GPI that you should join when coming to W88 bookie.

Chilli Surprise’s interface is designed with fiery red colors. With the symbol of chili peppers to create the intense desire of the game. Players will feel the burning in each spin.

Although it has just been released, Chili Surprise still attracts a large number of players. To date this game ranks 2nd in the top 20 most attractive GPI-powered slot games of 2021.

God Of Fortune

God Of Fortune slot is a game with an RTP of 97.3% and is a slot game that has been around for a long time. Participating in 3.God Of Fortune, you will see the appearance of symbols that are gods of fortune. With the meaning of bringing fortune to players when participating in this round.

What makes God Of Fortune always attractive and never cooled down with participants is because this game has a very high win rate and brings great fortune that makes players very popular.

In general, God Of Fortune is a perfect combination of modernity and tradition. The quality of the game is guaranteed to be good from sound to image in accordance with GPI standards.

Dino Age

Dino Age is a game released by GPI Slots with low odds and high win rate. This is the best thing that Dino Age brings to players.

Join the world of Dino Age, you will be lost in the ancient space with the reign of many dinosaurs. This is the first game title that GPI offers on a prehistoric theme. That’s why this is the most worth participating game that you should try when coming to W88.


Above are all the shares about Gameplay Interactive Slots. In addition, the information shared about the slot game titles provided by Gameplay Interactive Slots has the highest win rate for players at W88. Join GPI games today on W88 to enjoy the feeling of winning.

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