What is a Double bet? How does double betting work?

What is a Double betting

A double bet is a type of bet that helps newcomers to betting to increase their chances of winning. And even experienced players, this type of bet is still useful when they are not sure of their decision, they can choose to bet both situations on the same bet. Let’s learn more about double bets in the article tips betting win below from W88 betting online.

What is a Double Bet?

With a double bet, you can bet 2 different bets at the same time in the same bet to increase your chances of winning. With this bet type, if one of your bets is lost then you lose your entire bet on that double bet. However, if you win, the amount you get will be very high.

Of course, a higher reward means a higher risk, but if you know how to manage risk and are willing to accept that risk, the reward you win is well worth it.

Double bets are applied in betting on many games such as football, tennis, horse racing, baseball, basketball, etc. Therefore, players have a lot of options when they want to participate in betting on doubles.

How does double betting work?

The payout for double bet is calculated by multiplying the payout of bet 1 multiplied by the payout of bet 2, forming the payout for your double bet.

Odds = odd 1 x odd 2

Another possible scenario is to use all of your winnings on bet 1 as a bet on bet 2. This means the stake on bet 1 plus the winnings. will be used as the bet for bet 2. If you win, you win the entire bet of bet 1, and the bonus of bet 2. If you lose, you will only lose the bet on bet 1.

How does double betting work

Example: You want to bet 5$ on bet 1 with betting odds of Leicester beating Manchester United at odds of 4/1, and bet 2 you bet on Manchester City beating Liverpool with odds of 2/1. Then the overall odds for your double ticket are calculated as follows: 4/1 x 2/1 = 14/1.

As mentioned above, your bet on bet 2 will be used from the total winnings of bet 1 to bet on bet 2.

  • Bet ticket 1 with 5$, odds is 4/1 = 20$ win + 5$ bet = 25$
  • Bet ticket 2 with 25$, odds is 2/1 = 50$ win + 25$ bet = 75$

So, if you win this double betting, you will receive $ 75 with only $ 5 of your previous bet. And if you lose, you only lose 5 $, not significant. That is why there are many W88 players who get rich quickly by participating in double bets in betting rounds.

Experience playing double bets on W88 betting online

Choose the right match

When players participate in double bets, priority should be given to choosing matches where the unexpected outcome variable is not too large. If a match between a strong home team vs a less underrated away team, double betting is most likely to result in failure.

Therefore, you should also carefully consider 2 matches before you want to combine those 2 bets into the same double bet ticket.

Know how to manage risk

Although the double bet has a very high payout ratio and is much higher than other types of bets. Therefore, it requires you to be very careful otherwise you will lose continuously and quickly run out of bets.

In any game, if you only rely on luck, there will come a time when you will fail. So use experience to win with strength.

Spend a lot of time following sports news and understanding the matches you want to bet on. This will increase your chances of winning a double betting on www.w88.com now.

Understand why you join the double bet

You should avoid reckless bets, not understanding why you are betting double. This is very risky if you accidentally lose money. You need to know how to control your finances; Always have to calculate each bet so that the end result is the most profitable.


For players who have been involved in betting a lot of single bets, participating in double betting helps them get rich faster. If you also want to be able to win more money with a small amount of capital, then apply the bet sometimes to bet on W88 bookmaker.

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