Jewel Land Slot – Detailed instructions on how to play Jewel Land

Jewel Land Slot

Jewel Land is a fantasy slot game built on the dream of many players about a rich country where there are many diamond treasures. That’s why many gamers look to treasure-themed fantasy slot games. For example, Jewel Land, the land of treasures introduced by W88au, will bring you to such a world.

Introducing Jewel Land slot game

The desire to set foot in the land full of diamonds, treasures are always present in each person. Jewel Land slot game on W88 will help you fulfill this wish. The game will take you to the land of huge treasures – where many people’s dreams exist.

Slot Jewel is a game with multi-colored diamonds. You will proceed to bet on the number of lines that the diamond appears on the playing interface. This is a game of chance with a super-beautiful interface that everyone loves.

Jewel Land slot symbol

Jewel Land slot game will take you to a land full of treasures. Therefore, you will meet countless gems, diamonds, quartz, … of all colors in the game and they will also bring a lot of value.

In addition, the Jewel Land slot game features re-spins and multiplier spins.

  • With the re-spin you will make when there are 2 identical reels and 1 different reel. You are allowed to keep the same 2 reels and only spin 1 other reel. This is the fastest way for you to win. Because you only need about 30% more luck to get the reward.
  • The Jewel Land slot multiplier is triggered when you land 3 matching symbols on the reels. This spin will give you a chance to win big with prizes with multipliers from x2 to x10.

Jewel Land Slot Game Rules

Jewel Land Slot has a winning rate depending on the number of lines appearing. So you can only place 1 separate bet once for a diamond line, for example if you want to bet on 4 lines for one bet then you will have to bet 4 units.

The table specifies the number of points for each diamond color in the following order: Red – light blue – gray.

How many bets you bet, the more diamond lines will appear, for example, if you place 8 bet tickets, there will be 8 diamond lines.

You choose any number, this number is the bet line to go through, how many bets coincide with the number of gems, you will win.

If you have played online games many times, when starting with the Jewel Land Slot game, you will certainly be surprised when starting this game. The way to play is also very simple, you just need to choose the lines with beauties appearing on the main interface, if the result is considered the same as the line you chose, then you will win.

How to play Jewel Land Slot on W88

How to play Jewel Land Slot

You will have to choose vertical numbers at the main screen of the game, each number representing the corresponding number of diamond lines.

After placing your bet, you will press the “bet” button to start the system spinning.

At the end of a spin, the system will calculate bonus points based on the number of symbols matching your bet ticket.

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Experience playing Jewel Land Slot

Overall, this is a pretty easy slot game to play, you don’t need to calculate too much to make a decision. However, you should also pay attention to divide the bet capital for each round appropriately to avoid losing too much.

You must manage your emotions well when playing, to avoid overplaying. Because to play Jewel Land Slot you just need to make a simple bet, and press the spin button. Therefore, you should know when you should stop, to avoid wanting to withdraw capital and lead to big losses.

Conclusion on Jewel Land Slot

Currently, Jewel Land Slot is a popular entertainment betting game. It can be said that this is one of the most popular betting games at W88 Online, and at the same time it also contributes to a large profit for betting players.

Jewel Land Slot W88 will help you set foot in a rich land, full of gold and silver treasures. Therefore, register for a betting account on W88 today and participate in betting on this extremely attractive game.

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