Orbs of Atlantis Slot Review: How to play and Bonus features

Orbs of Atlantis Slot

Explore the legendary ancient kingdom in the Orbs Of Atlantis Slot game released by Habanero for players on W88 online bookie. Unlike other Slot games, Orbs Of Atlantis has a circular design game with 2 definite paths and symbols on the reels. Learn how to play Orbs Of Atlantis Slot in terms of special features and payouts.

Overall of Orbs Of Atlantis Slot on W88

The theme of this fascinating slot game is the mythical city of Atlantis – The place inhabited by creatures that are half-divine and half-human. The overall design of the game is a blue color, 2 giant kraken monsters lurking on both sides in the foreground, and 2 gods guarding the circular slot playing area.

In the background, players can see fish circling a ruined tower with 40 symbols, 1000 free spins and a payout of up to 9300 times the stake. This slot game includes the software provider’s signature Big Reels feature that makes the game even more magical.

Game Overview

  • Developer: Habanero.
  • RTP: varying from 92.06%, 93.95%, 96.60% and 97.93%
  • Reels: Cluster payments.
  • Payout line: 88.
  • Minimum bet: 20.
  • Max bet: 5000.
  • Trial: Yes.

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How to play Orbs Of Atlantis Slot and features

Special features & symbols

Big reels

Symbols move on defined lines and pay when all symbols land, the top symbols of an adjacent line will pay according to the paytable.

How to play Orbs of Atlantis Slot

Pays for the highest winning combination on each line, if a winning combination has more symbols than are determined in the paytable, the highest payout will be awarded for each additional symbol.


Winning symbols will be replaced by new and/or existing symbols, and the tier will continue as long as new wins occur.

The game multiplier will increase with each new tier in a round until it reaches the maximum. The game multiplier will return to the original applicable value if there is no new win.

The multiplier is X1 for each Initial Cascade, X2 for each 2nd Cascade, X3 for each 3rd Cascade, X5 for each 4th Cascade, or any consecutive Cascade.

There are 40 symbols that can appear on both lines in the base game, 2 random symbols on the screen are replaced with Wilds in the base game, starting from the second Cascade.

Wild symbol

The fire symbol is the Wild symbol in the game, which can replace all symbols except the Scatter.

Scatter symbol

The eye symbol is the Scatter symbol in the game, the payout Scatter is added to other payouts, the winning bet is multiplied by the total bet. Scatter pays out anywhere on the reels.

The Scatter symbol only pays out after there are no other winning combinations available.

Free Spins

Bonuses W88 online players 10, 24, 50, 100, 250 or 500 free spins respectively when 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Scatter lands anywhere on the reels. Bonus 100 free spins when 9 scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels.

Buy features

Open the Buy Feature pop-up by tapping the Buy Feature button on the screen. Choose 3-9, 4 or 5 Scatter by pressing the appropriate button and activate. The cost of each option is shown in the Buy Feature pop-up.



X13 = x5000
X12 = x2000
X11 = x1500
X10 = x1200
X9 = x750

Scatter (xTotal Bet)

X9 = x750
X8 = x300
X7 = x150
X6 = x105
X5 = x45

Star Orb

X13 = x5000
X12 = x2000
X11 = x1500
X10 = x1200
X9 = x750


X13 = x2000
X12 = x600
X11 = x400
X10 = x250
X9 = x150


X13 = x1000
X12 = x300
X11 = x120
X10 = x80
X9 = x60

Green Squid

X13 = x500
X12 = x250
X11 = x75
X10 = x50
X9 = x30

Female Image

X13 = x400
X12 = x200
X11 = x50
X10 = x40
X9 = x20


Orbs Of Atlantis Slot has a mythological theme with a beautiful and vivid design for players at W88 online bookie. Immediately visit the W88 homepage to experience this fascinating slot game.