Blackjack Hit or Stand: Strategies and When to do it

Blackjack Hit or Stand

For Blackjack there is a particularly simple way to calculate points. And one of the things that people need to pay attention to is the scoring process to decide whether to draw a third card or not. Calculating points is easy, but to have experience in hitting or standing, you need the knowledge that W88 experts share in the article below.

How to Hit or Stand in Blackjack in different situations

In case the total score is less than 10

One of the cases that players should pay attention to when hitting or standing in blackjack is that the score of their first two cards is 10 points. Of course, for many people, with this total, they should draw more cards without fear of being over 21 points. But it should not be subjective, because the choice can draw up to 3 cards in a row, so the minimum required cards should be close to 21 points.

If you draw small cards like 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in two hits, the score will be greatly improved. But if you draw two more times, once with a small card and once with a large card, the possibility of exceeding 21 points is very high. That’s why on the third draw you will definitely have less advantage.

Therefore, before considering the hit to the third card, the player should estimate how much his win rate is.

Moreover, the difference between the probability that the cards you draw after two times are high or low cards will be very difficult to guess. That’s why W88 advises players to stay calm and research each case in advance at the corresponding point when playing Blackjack online to use when needed.

In case the total score is from 16 to 18

The range of points that makes Blackjack players on W88 bookie the most difficult to decide is from 16 to 18 points. Because in this case, the ability to judge whether to Blackjack hit or stand is very difficult. And each player will be in a passive position, it is difficult to decide which direction to choose. At that time, you should pay attention to the dealer’s handling before making a decision.

Blackjack Hit or Stand Chart

Specifically, you see if the dealer will draw more cards when they have 17 points, for example. So you should guess the dealer’s score beforehand. As for other players, you just need to pay attention to their actions to see if they press the hit button or stand, you can partly know the number of points they own.

Usually, cards with high scores will often appear in cases like this and they will go together. So when you decide to hit, you also need to pay attention to the possibility that you will draw a high card and will have to draw a second and a third time.

Effective hit or stand rules when playing Blackjack

Rule 1: Do not split two 10

It is not advisable to split two 10 cards when the first two cards total 20, because with a goal of 21, the Dealer is very unlikely to beat the Player.

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Rule 2: If you have two 5 cards, you should hit

If you own two 5s when playing Blackjack, it means that the Player has a total of 10 cards. At this point, the best way is to choose the hit and double the bet.

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Rule 3: Know how to stand at the right time

For Blackjack, the Player should stand at any hand when there are cards with a total of 17 or higher. If the Player has a total of 12 to 16, and the Dealer has 2 to 6, he should also stand, but if the Dealer has 7 or higher, he should hit.


Above are the online Blackjack strategies and rules you need to always keep in mind when participating in playing blackjack on W88 online bookie to know when to stand, when to hit properly.