How to play Live Lightning Dice (Evolution) at the casino

Live Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is an attractive game at W88 online bookie with simple, attractive rules, high payout ratio. Let’s learn about how to play Lightning Dice below to easily win the most money in this game.

The most detailed Lightning Dice overview on W88

Lightning Dice is a game that has a long history of development in traditional casinos. Then it was developed by Evolution Gaming and released an online version recently. In the fast-paced Lightning Dice game, the outcome of the bet is also fast. Players will know the result as soon as the Dealer drops the dice.

The main task of the player is to correctly predict the lucky number that the dice are thrown. The payouts are regulated from the game system, based on the probability of winning each bet. The more difficult the odds, the higher the odds.

Lightning Dice is a highly entertaining game that both brings moments of relaxation and makes great money.

Live Lightning Dice Rules

This game uses two main tools, which are 3 dice and 1 maze-shaped cylindrical lightning tower. In which, the dice has 6 faces equivalent to points from 1 to 6. Players will predict the number of points appearing on 3 heads of the dice.

At the beginning of the game, the Dealer will directly drop 3 dice on the “Fast Tower”. Following the zigzag line of the maze, 3 dice will randomly fall to the bottom of the lightning tower. In it, there are 16 possible outcomes between 3 and 18 points. The dealer will compare the number of points displayed from the 3 dice when they stop.

How to play Live Lightning Dice

After the betting time is over, the light will light up, then one of the windows will light up randomly. On the betting table, if the door opens, the screen will display green at the end of the screen and turn red when the door is closed.

How to calculate points in Lighting Dice

The way to calculate the score in this game is to add the total of 3 dice together. Based on the total score, the player compares with the bet ticket to check the outcome of the bet is to win or lose. Including the winning number with the multiplier applied, which can be up to x1000.

In the event of a problem during the game, the betting round will be canceled and the full amount of the bet for that round will be refunded.

The theoretical optimal RTP player return rate is 96.21% based on the account betting from a total of 3 or 18. RTP range is from 96.03 to 96.21%

Bet Types & Odds Lightning Dice Live

  • Total score 3 or 18, pay 149 – 999:1
  • Total score 4 or 17, pay 49 – 499:1
  • Total score 5 or 16, pay 24 – 249:1
  • Total score 6 or 15, pay 14 – 99:1
  • Total score 7 or 14, pay 9 – 99:1
  • Total score 8 or 13, pay 6 – 49:1
  • Total score 9 or 12, pay 5 – 49:1
  • Total score 10 or 11, pays 4 – 49:1

Features in Lighting Dice

At the Repeat Bet button, allow the player to repeat all bets from the previous round. This button is only activated when the player has entered the bet before.

Alternatively, you can select the “DOUBLE” button which will be available if you place a bet on any. Each time you touch this button, you will double your bet to the maximum. Note that you need to have enough balance in your account to increase your bet

After you place a bet, Auto Play allows the previous bet to be repeated. To start autoplay, you need to place your normal bet and select the “AUTO PLAY” button.


With the information shared about how to play Lightning Dice Live at W88 online bookie in detail, you can quickly grasp the rules of the game and the rules of the attractive game released by this Evolution Gaming. Play now to receive attractive bonuses up to x1000.

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