Habanero Slots – Review of the best slots provider Habanero


Habanero is considered a very stylish game provider and cares a lot about the market and customer experience. They offer exciting games with super bonuses with over hundreds of different games available on W88 online bookie. A quick review of Habanero’s best slots below will give you more information.

General information about Habanero on W88 bookie

The provider Habanero has the rights to produce slot games in 16 markets including Republic of Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Isle of Man, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Switzerland, Colombia, Denmark, Gibraltar, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal Spain, Spain, and England.

One feature that makes Habanero different from other betting game providers is the firm commitment. And Habanero’s product commitments to bookies are as follows:

  • New games are released every month.
  • Use HTML5 technology instead of Adobe Flash.
  • The product runs smoothly and connects to many devices.
  • Play with the screen portrait or landscape interface.
  • Function to play multiple games at the same time.
  • Set up Jackpot in each game.
  • Designed according to the needs of bookies about VIP promotion, Welcome bonus.
  • Random win percentage, different settings for each game.
  • Using SSL information security technology.

Top Habanero’s best slot games available on W88

Orbs of Atlantis – The mythical world of Atlantis

Orbs of Atlantis Slot

The extremely sharp, beautiful symbolism with the myths of Atlantis is what you will feel in Orbs of Atlantis. Quick operation with just one click of the button for the Spin reel, the system will quickly initiate a bonus round. And after spinning the slot, press the “Collect” button to collect the “divine reward”.

Another unique feature of the game is the spins. No more reels or liquidity lines, but a reel of symbols that, if landing in a winning combination, pays immediately on that position.

Mystic Fortune Deluxe

Mystic Fortune Deluxe Slot

After exploring the Western slot world, then back to the land of East Asia with many beauties with the Mystic Fortune Deluxe slot game with extremely familiar symbols and brilliant magical colors, bringing a joyful atmosphere.

Hot Hot Fruit

Hot Hot Fruit Slot

Too hot on hot summer days, come to Hot Hot Fruit to cool off immediately. The symbols in the slot are tropical fruits such as Watermelon, Orange, and Lemon that will instantly evaporate the heat and replace it with refreshment with a huge bonus.

Remember not to forget to carefully read the rules of the game and immediately apply the rules to get a great bonus when playing this slot game on W88. Make sure you have a glass of cool juice to soothe the hot summer day, and at the same time squeeze the bookie out.

Koi Gate

Koi Gate Slot

Koi Gate was once on the list of nominations for the Asian Slots Game Award, a game that “bombarded” the market with huge rewards. Although there are no overly complicated designs, only 5 columns – 3 rows, every spin is rewarded.

Symbols are simple with gentle tones, Koi Gate takes minimalism but sophistication as the key to conquering players. The provider Habanero has succeeded beyond expectations with Koi Gate which is very popular in the Asian slot game market.

Wealth Inn

Wealth Inn Slot

Wealth Inn is also a top slot game not to be missed by Habanero Slots. Only three symbols, but hidden, are the god of fortune, luck, and fortune of a brilliant oriental culture. You will be immediately impressed with: Golden God of Fortune, Jade of Hope and Lucky Knot in three colors red – yellow – green.

The rules of this slot game always emphasize minimalism, so whether on a phone – PC or Ipad, just a light touch to spin.


It is not difficult to clearly see the advantages of the Habanero provider’s slot games. In addition to the information about the featured slot games above, you can almost experience all of their games at W88 online bookie.

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