Legend of Thanh Giong Slot Review: How to play and Get bonus

Legend of Thanh Giong Slot

A game with bold Vietnam when inspired by the story of Thanh Giong provided by Gameplay Interactive to players promises to bring many interesting experiences. Learn how to play Legend of Thanh Giong slot at the W88 bookmaker in the guide below.

About Legend of Thanh Giong Slot

From time immemorial, people are familiar with the image of a boy named Giong using bamboo to chase invaders out of our country. Later, when he flew back to heaven, our people built a temple called Thanh Giong Temple to commemorate the old merits.

Inspired by that story, the Gameplay Interactive has launched the Legend of Thanh Giong slot online game to help people realize their dream of becoming a national hero.

This game is known as one of the games with stable configuration, beautiful and realistic interface, and sharpness. With a simple, easy to play, easy to understand way of playing, it is popular with many players at the W88 bookmaker. In particular, this game also has a lot of new features and increases the ability to earn money for players.

Legend Of Thanh Giong Slot Overview

  • Reels: 4×5 reels (4 rows 5 columns)
  • Number of winning lines: 25 lines.
  • Minimum and maximum bet: The bet amount depends on the currency used by the player.
  • The default RTP rate is up to 96.96%. This is considered by experts to be the slot game with the highest RTP rate at the W88 bookie compared to the common ground of other online bookies.

For example, if a player uses a bet unit of USD.

  • Selecting the USD $1 line with 25 coins based on 243 winning lines, the total bet paid per spin will be USD $2.50.
  • Thus, corresponding to the line coefficients, the amount to be paid for each bet will be different. Min is a line bet USD $0.02 with an amount of $0.5 USD. Max with USD $4 bet line with $100 USD stake.

Legend of Thanh Giong Slot game rules on W88

Each game will have its own way of playing and rules and so does this Legend of Thanh Giong. To be able to easily win many bonuses, you first need to understand the rules of this slot game.

How to play Legend of Thanh Giong Slot

General rules

At the beginning of the bets you will need to choose the unit of bet for each spin.

After the reels stop, you combine the displayed symbols to determine the bonus you will receive.

Your total winnings will be displayed on the screen by the system.

Payouts will also be calculated from left to right and top to bottom on each line. The bonus will be the bet multiplied by the payout ratio of each symbol.

Only the highest winning combination is paid out. If there is an error or the spin is canceled, no bonus will be calculated.

How to calculate rewards in the game

In Legend of Thanh Giong, there will be the following bonus calculation rules:

  • 3 or more Scatter symbols in any position will also give the player 6 free spins.
  • During the free spins, players can win with a 10x bonus if they guess the payline correctly.
    During free spins, if you get 3 more scatters, you can get new free spins.
  • From 6 boosters symbols trigger 3 re-spins (these symbols need to be close together).
  • In addition, for each different payline, you will receive different bonus percentages.

Features of the game Legend Of Thanh Giong

Wild: is the wild symbol, which replaces a regular symbol, helping you to complete a winning combination. The Wild symbol appears on all reels and can substitute for all other symbols except Scatter and Boosters.

Scatter: it’s a special bonus symbol. They do not need to be on a payline, the player is also rewarded. 3 Scatter or more at any position on the reels will give the player 6 free spins.

Boosters: Special symbols available in the Legend of Thanh Giong slot. When there are 6 or more Boosters symbols close together, 3 free re-spins will be triggered for the player. Get a chance to win a huge prize of up to 25,000 when all the reels are filled with the Boosters symbol.

In the Legend Of Thanh Giong slot, there is an automatic spin item with the number of spins is 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and unlimited. Players can use this feature if they do not want to click “respin” again.


Hopefully, the information about the Legend of Thanh Giong slot game that we have given above will help you always win in this game at the reputable online W88 bookie.

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