RTP Slots Explained – Best RTP Slots at online casino in 2023

RTP Slots Explained

If you’ve been into online slot gaming, you’ve probably heard the term RTP many times. RTP is an important factor to know to bring victory when playing Slot Game. In this article, the W88 com will explain everything you need to understand about the concept of slot RTP meaning.

What is RTP in Slots?

RTP stands for Return To Player. RTP is a form of description of how much money a slot machine returns to a player over a large number of spins, usually expressed as a percentage. The most understandable RTP slots explained for players. Let’s find out with the expert from W88au through the following example.

Example: A slot has an RTP of 97%, this means that the slot will pay back €97 for every €100 bet.

Most importantly, it is important for you to understand that this ratio is calculated based on a large number of spins, often millions of spins. Therefore, for games with a few hundred to a few thousand spins you will be able to get the corresponding RTP rate.

Traditional slot machines are typically set to return between 70% and 90%, with very few games ever exceeding 92%. Meanwhile, online slot machines often offer RTP rates from 96%; for slots from 94% – 95% is generally considered not good.

RTP Algorithm In Slot Games on W88

Setting up the RTP for a slot machine is a complicated process, and the harder it is, the more complicated the game becomes. If there are many features and a large number of payouts involved, the game developers need to calculate them all so that the game will return exactly the expected percentage.

In short, a slot is always programmed in such a way as to return a percentage of the total amount put into it. Each game will have a corresponding RTP rate, a game with an RTP of 98% will return 98% of all your bets in an infinite number of spins.

The Truth About RTP Slots on W88 That You Should Know

To further understand the RTP ratio and clear up these misconceptions when playing slots, you can continue reading the following information:

The W88 dealer can take most of the RTP rate of the slot machines?

This is not the truth. The bookie does not own the slot machines at all, but offers slot games to players. Slot games available at the bookie usually come from well-known game developers.

Besides, games are usually hosted on developers’ servers, which means bookies don’t have access to change core settings like RTP.

Some providers offer games with some RTP variants (like Play’n GO), but bookmakers cannot change the game’s settings randomly at will.

Does progressive jackpot affect the RTP of a slot game?

This is true in most cases.

For example, slots with progressive jackpots may have advertised an RTP of 94%, but part of that RTP of Slots is usually done through the progressive jackpot.

This means that, unless you actually win the jackpot, you will be playing the game with a significantly lower RTP than what is advertised.

Completely irrelevant RTP in a spin?

This is either true or not, despite knowing that anything can happen in a single spin. And the actual RTP of the game may not be achievable either way.

However, on average a slot with 96% RTP will play better than a slot with 85% RTP. So while you can still win and lose in both of these slot types.

However, you will have a greater chance of winning in a game with a higher RTP, so based on this slot machine terms choose for yourself a game with the most suitable RTP.

Highest RTP Slots

You can refer to the table below of W88au to choose for yourself a game with the best RTP rate:

Highest RTP Slots
The Best RTP Slots – Highest RTP Slots
  • Mega Joker : Up to 99%
  • Jackpot 6000: Up to 98,8%
  • Chess Mate : 98,7%
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas: 98.6%
  • Monopoly on the Money: up to 98.1%
  • Bloodsuckers: 98%
  • Starmania: 97.87%
  • Kings of Chicago: 97.8%
  • Devil’s Delight: 97.6%
  • Big Bad Wolf: 97.4%


Above is the information about the RTP rate in the Slot game that you should know at the W88 Slot. Besides, you can refer to the list of the top 10 games with the best RTP slots on the market today evaluated by W88 experts to start the journey to find treasure at Slot game.