FIFA eSports Betting Guide: Tips and How to Bet on FIFA eSports

FIFA eSports Betting Guide

FIFA eSports is an entertaining sports game that is no longer strange to players, coming to the game, you can experience exciting matches. Besides, FIFA betting is considered to be the betting sport that attracts the most participants. In the following article, the W88 bookie experts will help you learn FIFA betting and effective betting tips and strategies.

About FIFA eSports

FIFA eSports game, also known as FIFA Soccer, FIFA football is a football game with the form and rules of competition like a real-life match. Players incarnate and control a character in the team, coordinate with teammates to aim to score the most goals.

FIFA was officially launched in 1993 under the development of Electronic Arts (EA Sport). A game that helps fans experience the reality of an international competition with the participation of world-famous teams.

About FIFA Betting

FIFA betting has the largest number of betting participants worldwide and is the most popular betting section at the W88 bookmaker.

Simple form of betting. Similar to games in other forms of eSports betting, players just need to rely on the bookie bets given earlier to analyze and choose bets. Note that the matches are all programmed by the system, so the match results have a probability factor. Players need to be careful while placing bets.

On the W88 bookie system, the system is transparent and the information is secure, so bettors can safely place bets without worrying about being scammed.

FIFA eSports Betting Guide

FIFA eSports betting rules

Basically, the rules of FIFA eSports are similar to the football rules of an actual match. Each team consists of 11 players, each of whom takes on their own position and role to divide tasks and regulate tactics appropriately.

The advantage of FIFA betting is that the playing time is shorter, so players can participate in betting on many teams. Various betting forms bring high winning rates for players.

For FIFA eSports betting, bets are only valid if the match time is valid and there is no violation of the bookmaker rules. For bets in violation, the results of the bets will be void.

Types of FIFA eSports Betting

The form of FIFA esports betting is quite diverse, with a full range of basic and extended bets for players to freely choose. Depending on the strategy and financial resources that players should consider to place a reasonable bet.

How to bet on FIFA eSports

Handicap bets

FIFA handicap is an interesting bet, more attractive than other bets and it also ensures fairness in bets.

Handicap with the corresponding odds that the W88 bookie betting offers before the match starts. Players will bet on the team they predict to win and bet that the winning team will be at least the handicap higher than the losing team.

Therefore, the team we bet wins is not sure that the bet has won, so this bet is more attractive and challenging.

In addition, handicap bets can also be bets on which team will win in each match.

Over/Under Bets

This is a simple form of bet in FIFA eSports that any new player can join. Before the match starts, the bookie gives a specific score. Players will rely on that score to predict whether the team they bet will have the number of goals above or below that number.

Odd/Even bets

Even/Odd bets have a fairly simple form of betting. Players only need to predict the score that their team bet and the end of the game will be even or odd. Expanding players can bet on each match, the whole match or on each team.

Easy-to-win FIFA betting experience shared by W88 experts

Update information

Information to learn such as rules of the game, betting forms, betting regulations, information about the team and players, …. The above content you can refer to and read in many sources, you can make a history to see the results of the matches to analyze the information of each team when betting on FIFA eSports.

Do not bet on many FIFA matches at the same time

For experienced players, they often do not choose to bet on many matches at the same time, but will bet on few matches to easily capture analytical information to improve the win rate.

Besides, budget is also an issue that needs special attention when you want to participate in many betting matches.


In general, the FIFA eSports betting game brings entertainment elements and great winning opportunities for players at the W88 bookie. Hopefully after the article you know how to bet on FIFA eSports and apply the strategies shared by W88 experts to play and win bets.

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