UFO Frenzy Slot review: How to play and Bonuses (95.98% RTP)

UFO Frenzy Slot

UFO Frenzy is a slot game with an interesting and new theme for players at the W88 bookmaker. It looks like a funny story that players can enjoy while earning money and experiencing a new theme. Learn how to play UFO Frenzy Slot – Space Theme below.

How to play UFO Frenzy Slot at the W88 bookie

UFO Frenzy is very interesting because players can go visit outer space. UFO Frenzy is a slot game with 5 reels with 3 rows, 25 paylines with a very high RTP rate, up to 95.98%.

To participate in the game, players will first choose the amount of bet they want to participate in for each spin. Then click the “bet” button.

There is also a “Auto Spin” to respin after each turn so that players don’t have to click on the button again. And there is also a “Max bet” option that allows player to bet with the max amount of money, very convenient.

How to play UFO Frenzy Slot
How to play UFO Frenzy Slot

UFO Frenzy Symbols and payouts

Regular Symbols

UFO Frenzy Slot includes 8 regular paying symbols along with Wild and Scatter symbols similar to other Slot games at the W88 online house. With symbols that always include UFOs, chickens, pigs, and cows, the image is made in a funny and wonderful way.

These symbol groups offer high payouts when players land a combination of 5 symbols, or 4 and 3 symbols according to the paylines.

The symbols A, J, Q, K have the lowest value but it can also bring good profits for players.

Wild symbol

Wild symbols in this game are UFOs, and are considered Wild symbols.

When a Wild appears on the 3rd reel, it will trigger a UFO Frenzy. And they will be dropped randomly on the reels.

The UFO FRENZY symbol feature is triggered during both the most spin and therefore the free spins. Then, based on the multiplayer, players will receive the money.

Scatter symbol

The Energy Box is the Scatter symbol in the game and they can appear on all reels.

Try to collect 40 Scatters symbols to get 10 free spins and your winnings will be doubled.

Scratters symbols will be added on the counter on the left. 40 Scratters will help you to x10 your betting stake.

UFO Frenzy Bonus Features

Getting a UFO Frenzy bonus is really profitable for players on the W88 online betting house. Instead of collecting 3 Wild symbols on the reels, concentrate on the counter within the left part of the screen. During the UFO Frenzy Bonus round, all wins that the player spins are going to be doubled.

Besides, to trigger the Free Spins feature, the player will need to collect 40 regular spins and the game will give 10 free spins to the player.

Bet limit

The payout ratio is not considered to be high compared to the current average, only 95.98%. This game has the following bet limits:

  • The lowest coin bet range is from $0.04 – $25.0.
  • Depending on the number of chips selected, the player will be betting on the lowest range of $1.0 to $625.0.

Tips to play UFO Frenzy easy to win shared by W88 experts

It is recommended to use and participate in the free spins. The free spins will give players the opportunity to receive many valuable prizes.

It takes strategy and makes the most of the auto spins because this game has up to 25 different paylines. Just select “Auto Spins” and create custom spins.

Be bold to choose the form of playing “Join Now” to save time and get yourself real money. With a low bet, each spin only costs 0.04 cents, players will not need to worry about capital issues. If you lose, this is also an opportunity for players to learn and gain experience.


The above article is the most general information on how to play UFO Frenzy Slot that the reputable online W88 Slot would like to introduce to everyone. Just master how to play and apply a few tips, you can completely confidently participate in this game.

There are still some more interesting slot games like World Soccer 2 Slot and Sweet Treats Slot that you can try to play and win more money on W88 bookie betting. Let’s find out and get rich with the game.

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