Heroes of the Storm Betting Guide: How to Bet and Strategies

Heroes of the Storm betting guide
Heroes of the Storm Betting Guide for beginners

W88 is pleased to introduce how to bet on Heroes of the Storm in our betting section. In this article, we will explain how to bet as well as share tips and strategies from experts so you can bet effectively right away.

What game is Heroes of the Storm?

Heroes of the Storm is a massively multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2015.

The objective of the game like in any other MOBA is two teams of five players who are controlling the heroes to fight their battles and the enemies.

The cool thing about Heroes of the Storm is that the heroes are picked from other major Blizzard franchises. Now that you know the gameplay basics, let’s get down to the basics of how to bet on Heroes of the Storm at W88.

How to bet on Heroes of the Storm

To better understand the Heroes of the Storm betting guide for beginners, the W88au expert will explain how to play shortly.

How to bet on Heroes of the Storm
How to bet on Heroes of the Storm for beginners

Moneyline bet, or Winner bet

For those who are just starting to play Heroes of the Storm at W88, most will be recommended by experts on Moneyline bets or winner bets. This is the most basic betting market as it allows you to bet on who you think will win the series, map or a tournament.

The key to success in moneyline betting is to place your chips on the right team i.e. the team that will win, and you will receive your initial amount multiplied by the odds fixed at the time your bet is accepted.

Placing your chips on the non-winning team will result in the loss of your bet. Those are the basics of betting on the winner of a match of Heroes of the Storm at W88.

Once your bet is locked, there is no way to cancel it. So make sure you always choose the right selection and the right odds before clicking the “bet” button.

Bet on the team or player to win First Blood

Whenever you play this bet type, you must correctly predict which team will take down the opponent’s defenses first and win the First Blood.

If the team you bet on wins the First Blood then you will win the bet with the odds corresponding to the odds offered by the bookie. If the team you bet on doesn’t win First Blood then you forfeit your bet.

Over/Under bet

In this type of betting, the bettor must choose exactly whether the said outcome will be above or below a certain range given by the reputable W88 bookie.

Let’s say the bookie offers Over 2.5 map odds (odds 1.90/-110) versus Under 2.5 map odds (odds 1.90/ -110). As you can see the Over and Under bets both have the same coefficient of 1.90, but for you to win the bet the sequence must consist of three maps, to win the sequence must end in two maps.

In short, if you bet on 2.5 maps you need 3 maps to win, if you bet under 2.5 maps you need 2 maps to win.

Handicap bets

Now we come to the easier bet type that is the Heroes of the Storm handicap. This type of betting is also known as spread betting. The goal is to place a bet on your team based on the spread or handicap.

In the usual case, the stronger team handicaps the weaker team based on competitive odds such as lineups, map usage, and strategy.

Heroes of the Storm betting experience shared by W88 experts

Take advantage of the easy-to-win Minimap

Observing the mini maps to know more about the location of the teammates on the map, the events that are happening and the tasks, the match progress is extremely necessary.

Before betting on which team or player you should spend time following their previous matches to see if they know how to make good use of the Mini Map.

Learn the game strategy of players and teams

Remember that knowledge is the power to achieve success. The fact that a Heroes of the Storm player understands the rules of the game and knows how to use skills when competing is also a factor that helps you bet effectively.


Above are the basic knowledge and betting strategies you need to know to understand how to bet on Heroes of the Storm at the reputable online W88 bookie. Apply the above knowledge to betting right away and win.

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