StarCraft 2 Betting Guide: How to Bet on StarCraft 2 to win big

StarCraft 2 Betting Guide

The StarCraft 2 eSports Tournament is an online competition aimed at attracting more fans around the world. It is not surprising that with the increasing popularity of this game, the prestigious W88 bookie has opened up the form of betting. Read the following StarCraft 2 betting guide to gain more experience and start betting now. But first, you should registering for a W88 account to be able to bet on the game StarCraf 2 at this leading bookie.

StarCraft 2 betting overview

The main difference of StarCraft 2 with other games of the same type is to destroy the enemy alone, without a team. Players must gather an army on their own, defeat races and conquer the world.

Confrontation takes place between the Terrans seeking to conquer space; zerg – aliens consume biomass and capture planets; and protoss – aliens with futuristic technology.

Due to its popularity, StarCraft 2 betting is increasingly being chosen by many bookies as a game for players to bet on, including the prestigious W88 bookie.

Betable StarCraft 2 Tournaments on W88

The biggest tournaments hosted by Blizzard are also the game developers. By the way, on Blizzard’s WCS website you can find schedules of all sorts of upcoming Starcraft 2 tournaments. A similar list is available on the W88 online bookie.

We can list the top 4 biggest Starcraft 2 tournaments that W88 players can follow and bet on:

  • World eSports game
  • Starcraft World Champions Series
  • Global StarCraft 2 League
  • IEM – World Championship

Bet Types in StarCraft 2 on W88 betting online

The most common type of competition in Starcraft 2 is a face-to-face meeting of two gamers, i.e. a 1×1 match. Massive tournaments also take place, but less frequently. Therefore, players need to know about these StarCraf 2 bets when the bet form is similar to other esports betting.

The winners are the players who have completed the entire sequence successfully. The series is the qualifying levels, from start to finish. There are four series of series:

  • Best in 1 is a duel that is usually held before the first win.
  • Best of 3 – first level you need to get two wins on three maps.
  • Best of 5 – overall, three wins on five maps.
  • Best of 7 is the final match, a competition between the two best fighters.
How to bet on StarCraft 2
How to bet on StarCraft 2 for beginners

The bookie offers odds at each stage of the tournament. There are many types of odds.

The most common of these is betting on the winner of a match. The dealer offers bets for a group of players or for a single player in a 1×1 match.

You can also bet on the overall winner of the tournament. Or how many games he can win in a tournament.

Experience choosing players when betting on StarCraft 2

The success when you bet on Starcraft 2 lies in improving the player’s skills. Therefore, before betting you should learn the following information:

Comparison of races in the game

As mentioned above, there are 3 main races: terrans, zerg and protoss. Each race has its own unique background, features, and attributes.

StarCraft 2 bettors at W88 have one question: “Which race is stronger?”. According to professional StarCraft 2 players, all races are equal in strength.

However, recently the company Blizzard admitted that in the match between Terran-Protoss, Protoss will have a higher chance of winning. However, for the most part, the victory of a race depends on the skill of the player.

Consult the fighting style of StarCraft 2 players

A gamer’s victory depends on his skill. Game approach, individual strategy and special technique can play a decisive role in a 1:1 head-to-head match.

To calculate the potential winner of the fight, you need to spend a lot of time getting to know the gamer before placing a bet on him.

For example, Ruff gamers are good at playing terrain. In contrast, player Neeb is considered a master of protoss, and destroys opponents with the many bases he builds on the map.

Watch how players utilize the map

Interracial battles take place on different maps. There are a lot of maps in the game, and with each update they get more and more.

So make sure the person you’re betting on is someone who regularly plays StarCraft 2 and understands how to take advantage of the map in combat.


Above is an article about how to bet on StarCraft 2 on the reputable online W88 mobile app. Besides, there are strategies for selecting players before placing bets to achieve the best effect. Hope you already know how to bet and are ready to bet with us.

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