Professional eSports Betting Guide on W88 for beginners

eSports Betting Guide

Esports betting is a popular online game. What could be more wonderful is when you can show your love for your favorite team by cheering for the players. Besides, there is also the opportunity to receive rewards when participating in attractive bets. In this article is a guide to Esports betting with a high win rate on W88.

What is eSports betting?

Esports betting is a form of betting based on the happenings in Esports matches. Although this type of betting is new, it is not too new for today’s betting players.

Esports matches are being held regularly with the participation of big game studios and huge sponsors, so the prizes are extremely valuable.

Not only that, Esports has officially become a medal competition in the upcoming 31st SEA Games. This is definitely a significant momentum step marking the strong development of esports.

Esports that allow Esports betting on W88 Online

At the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines, six sports were brought into the competition. These are Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor Mobile, Dota 2, Starcraft II, Tekken 7 and Hearthstone. However, the sports that allow Esports betting are much more diverse.

Online bookmakers like W88 can organize bets, offering reasonable odds for most different big and small matches / tournaments. For example betting LOL (League of Legends), Half Life (CS), Global Offensive, Dota 2, etc.

Players can bet with real money similar to traditional sports betting (Sports: football, basketball, golf, etc). Not only that, due to the characteristics of esports games, players can also bet on skins (Apparel, in-game items).

Types of bets available in Esports betting

How to bet on eSports
How to bet on eSports

Similar to football betting, eSports also popularized some basic types of betting such as:

  • Handicap: includes the number of handicaps.
  • Over/Under Bet: Predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams will be Over or Under with a certain factor.
  • Odd/Even: predict the total number of goals scored by both teams to score Odd or Even.
  • For games that cannot be won after Game 2 is over, bets will have an additional Game 3 – 4 – 5 (depending on the situation of the match). At this time, the predictions will become more tense and suspenseful.

At each tournament, there will be different rules, competition rules and structure. So take some time to learn about the league, the play of both teams and about their current form before placing a bet. This will help you a lot in making accurate assessments.

Esports betting experience for players

E-sports betting is attractive, high-value gifts, but like many other types of betting, it is risky. Betting players should learn before playing and keep a steady mind when playing to win and avoid losing too much money if you lose.

Identify risks and reduce risks

When you bet on Esports tournaments, most of those gamers are young, maybe their first time on the field. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to find out about that young gamer’s information.

According to advice from Esports expert W88, for matches you are not sure and feel risky, you should bet small, or not bet at all.

Control the bet amount whether win or lose

Inexperienced players often place bigger bets when they win, and smaller bets when they lose. Therefore, even when you are losing, even if you win 1 or 2 games again, you cannot get your lost money back.

Therefore, you should know how to properly allocate your bets whether you are winning or losing.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on esports

Currently, there are many bookies, but we should consider carefully before choosing to participate to avoid losing money, that is, it is difficult to withdraw money to the account, or cause many difficulties when paying bonuses.

Get to know the Esport team playing

By understanding the competing team (both teams), you will know which team has better performance and is more likely to win. As a result, you can make wiser and more accurate decisions. Avoid wrong bets that lead to losses.


Above is a detailed introduction to esports and esports betting guide on W88 for interested bettors. After moments of stressful work, we can completely choose this form of betting to meet our entertainment needs. So now, in addition to card games, playing slot games, casinos, lotteries, you can also bet on Esports for real money, which is extremely attractive.