What is Matched Betting? Specific Guide to Matched Betting

What is Matched Betting

In the gambling world, usually the house is the winner. But hundreds of people have won the house over the years, using a supposedly risk-free method known as Matched Betting. Let’s learn about Matched Betting shared by W88 experts in the following article.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is actually hunting for free bet offers on online bookmakers like W88. For example, some bookies offer a $25 free bet on your first bet.

According to many betting experts, many bookies are willing to spend an average of $300 on a new customer – and this amount shows up in free betting offers like matched betting.

However, players with matched betting experience will use this offer to build up an outcome at one bookmaker and at the same time bet the opposite outcome at another bookmaker with a similar offer.

The two bookies will have relatively little difference in odds, so a smart player can earn a small amount with each offer, but this is free capital to keep profitable. The trick for players is to cash out their respective winnings, instead of using it to continue betting and risk losing it all.

Bookmakers sometimes have to find ways to limit matched betting by taking a commission, or requiring players to bet multiple times before withdrawing their winnings.

Currently, there are many professional betting groups that focus on exploiting the benefits of matched betting, although the amount is not large, but it can be up to $1000 – $1500 per month with almost zero risk.

If you are a betting lover and want to make easy money with little effort, this is the form of bets that you should pursue due to its low risk.

Is Matched betting valid on online bookies like W88?

Completely valid. The managers of the world’s largest bookmakers like W88 have all confirmed that: the bookies have absolutely no problem with matched betting.

The amount that the bookie offers free bets is entirely in the long-term calculated strategies to attract and retain customers both new and old. Therefore, matched betting is considered completely valid and recognized by all online bookmakers.

How much money can Matched Betting make you?

Remember one rule when betting matched betting: Profit = Value of the free bet offer.

Assuming there are two bookmakers offering the same offer of $25 then matched betting will earn you an amount equal to $25 less house commissions or the difference in odds between the two bookmakers.

Matched Betting tips

Currently on the market there are hundreds of bookies with free bet offers ranging from a few dollars to several tens of dollars. Therefore, if you are persistent, you can earn several hundred to thousands of dollars per month depending on your ability to find the bookmaker and your offers.

What are the risks of Matched betting?

As you can see, matched betting is great because it looks like it doesn’t pose any risk to the player.

However, there is still a risk if you make a mistake if you do not choose the right bookie or compare the odds before placing a matched bet. And sometimes the free bet does not always have immediate results, you need to read the terms and conditions to be sure to understand the free bet before placing the matched betting.

Once you understand how to choose the house and the odds, as well as the terms and conditions of the free bets, it will be easy for you to make a lot of money from matched betting. And continue like that for many more bets later to increase experience and profit for yourself.

Steps you need to do for effective matched betting

Register an account at the W88 bookie

The W88 bookie is a reputable bookie and accepts players to participate in matched betting through free bets. At the same time, the bookie is willing to spend a large amount of money to attract new customers.

If you like to bet – Register W88 on our W88au site and you’ll receive promotions and the first few offers.

Find and make the most of free bets

There will be a lot of free bets for players, so you need to take the time to see announcements about promotions, or register to receive notifications from the W88 bookie via e-mail or message to timely grasp news.

Withdraw profit

After claiming a free bet to bet and win, you should carry out the necessary procedures to withdraw that profit. And continue to use that profit to participate in other forms of paid betting. Of course you should still spend some time searching for matched betting tips.


It can be said that matched betting is a great gift from online bookmakers like W88. Hopefully, the specific sharing about matched betting from W88 experts has helped you to bet more confidently.