Blackjack Split Rules: Learn how to do it and strategy charts

Blackjack Split

Blackjack split is applied when a player is dealt two cards of the same (pair), they are entitled to split their hand into two separate hands. The way to play and calculate points after splitting the cards will not change. However, to better understand the split rules in blackjack, please read the following W88 guide.

What is Split in Blackjack?

As mentioned, a split is when a player splits 2 cards in his hand, and receives 1 more card from the dealer to get 2 different hands. The principles of scoring and testing remain the same. However, players should also consider when deciding to apply the split rule.

Not only that, some casinos will not allow you to apply the split rule when owning 2 A’s (double Aces). Read on to understand how to apply split rules in blackjack at WW88 online bookie.

The meaning of Split in Blackjack

Split is the choice of a lot of professional players when they have received doubles. However, we will not always choose this when we have 2 of the same cards. Whether or not to split into 2 hands will depend on the value of those cards and what your strategy in this game is.

In addition, players should also note that they are required to increase their bets many times because each hand will be scored and individually bet.

With the application of Split, the player can only make this choice as soon as their 2 cards have been dealt. W88 online experts recommend that you learn about the rules and specific bets of Blackjack before starting to participate in this game. This will help you better understand and make the right split decision in W88 blackjack.

Blackjack split rules online

The Split of the 10 Cards

Most professional casinos like W88 will use all variations and bet forms of Blackjack for players to choose from. Players only need to choose their favorite table to start this game. The J, Q and K cards will have the specified value now at 10.

Draw a Card After Splitting 2 Aces (AA)

Although the player will get 3 draws, most casinos will only allow the player to draw 1 more card if given the option of splitting 2 A cards. This is a special point that all Blackjack players need to keep in mind.

Right of Split

The choice of split needs to be confirmed by the dealer, and normally a player is only allowed to split 2-3 times in a given hand. For example, if you are dealt 2 cards, an 8 and a 4, and you will receive another 4 on your first draw, you will be allowed to split your card into 2 different hands.

Rules to keep in mind when applying split rules in Blackjack

Rule 1: Do not split two cards of 10

Do not choose to split two 10 cards when the first two cards total 20 because with your goal of 21, the Dealer is less likely to beat the Player.

Rule 2: Should split two 8 cards

When you are dealt two 8s then we need to split. When playing Blackjack online, the number 8 is always a bad outcome. When there are two 8 cards, the Player will get a total of 16 points. If split, the Player will have a chance to win a card with a higher win rate.

Rule 3: If you own two 5 cards, you should only draw one more card

If you own two 5s when playing Blackjack, it means that the Player with a total of cards is rated as 10. At this point, the best way is to ask for just one more card and choose a double bet.

Blackjack split strategy charts

Below is information about our blackjack split strategy chart analyzed in detail.

Blackjack strategy for 4-8 decks, casino dealer stands on 17

Blackjack split strategy charts

Blackjack strategy for 4-8 decks, casino dealer hits on 17

Blackjack split strategy charts


Above, W88 has explained to you the basic blackjack term is Split, when you understand this, it will be easier for you to participate in Blackjack and always give yourself the most accurate and reasonable decisions.

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