Blackjack Double Down: Rules and How to do It

Blackjack Double Down

Blackjack is always one of the most attractive gambling games on W88 casino online and the table of blackjack is always crowded. Along with its popularity comes the introduction of many strategies and Double Down is the most prominent strategy. And in this article, we will help you better understand this Blackjack Double Down betting tip.

Blackjack Double Down Rules

Blackjack Double Down strategy allows players to double their bets when they win. You will make this choice as soon as 2 cards are dealt to you. However, Double Down only allows you to receive a single card instead of the usual 3. This means that you also have to accept the risks that it brings.

It can be said that this is the easiest strategy to apply and does not require players to practice much. As with other gambling games, you are required to follow the basic rules of Blackjack playing and betting.

Since you only have one chance, make sure your hand is under 11 before choosing Double Down. This ensures that your hand will never exceed 21 (if your hand is greater than 21, you will lose completely).

In some casinos, they only allow players to choose Double Down when the total of 2 cards is 9, 10 or 11. And all we do after placing a Double Down bet is wait for the result.

Blackjack Double Down Rules

When should you use the Double Down Strategy?

Yes, Double Down is easy to use, but did you know that sometimes they get very complicated? If you don’t use them properly, you will also lose a lot of money.

To minimize the risk of losing, we recommend choosing this betting tip only when your hand is between 9-11 and the dealer’s hand is not 10 or Blackjack. But if you want to continue the challenge, choose Double Down when your hand is 10 or 11 points.

On the other hand, this Blackjack strategy will be difficult if your 2-card total is low (less than 9 points). In this case, we recommend choosing Hit. If the house total is less than 7 points, you can choose Double Down because it will be very easy for them to lose when encountering such a hand.

Once you follow the rules of the game, you are allowed to place a Double Down bet at any appropriate time. On the Blackjack table, each player has many betting options. Use your judgment and current hand condition to choose Double Down, and especially when the dealer has a weak hand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blackjack Double Down

Doing a Double Down is a way to help you win extra bets when you have a pretty good idea of ​​the hand situation, things have to go your way. While you have plenty of risk on your bankroll, make sure you have some good information on the table to support your decision.

And winning a double down will make you rich quickly. Or imagine if you had a streak of wins in a row, the double down strategy would be great. Therefore, practice good observation skills and have the most accurate judgment strategies before deciding to double down in Blackjack.

But remember that you take the risk when you choose to double down. The dealer always plays his hand after each player and therefore has a bit more information to rely on to play the cards. And don’t forget that when your hands are tied, all you get as a player is your initial deposit.


Blackjack Double Down is your chance to double your profits. Therefore, use it wisely. If your hand is not good, ignore it and do not try to maintain it because it will cost you money. The explanation of double down in blackjack on W88 online bookie is so complete. Good luck!

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