The Best Betting Strategy At Bookie From The Experts

Best betting Strategy

Not only when participating in the betting market, but no matter what you do, you need to have clear strategies or operating systems to bring optimal efficiency. In today’s article, betting experts from W88 will share with you the best betting strategies.

Best betting strategy from W88 experts

Kelly Criterion

This criterion was created and published by Mr. John Kelly in 1956, then has been recognized by bettors with potential for application in betting.

The Kelly criterion helps players optimize their bets over the long term (e.g. a Euro or World Cup) to manage risk and minimize losses.

Let’s say your total initial stake is 100$ and the question is how much money will you bet on each match to achieve the highest efficiency?

The Kelly criterion betting strategy can solve this problem, with the formula:

Kelly % = W – [ ( 1 – W ) / R ]

  • W = Win Odds: the probability that you win the bet
  • R = Reward Ratio: % of what the house will pay if you win, aka Odds – 1.

Applying the Kelly criterion for a long time will help you reduce the possibility of loss to the maximum extent and properly allocate capital for each bet.

Martingale betting system

The Martingale betting system is an effective betting method in betting on football and many other sports, including card games. To play this type of game, you need to have quite high capital to participate. Not only that, but you also need to have courage and determination.

The simple understanding of Martingale is that every time you lose a bet, double your bet in the next game. To win the bet, you will return to the first starting bet with the lowest bet.


  • The first thing you do is to start at 5$. If you win, you will continue to play $ 5 in the next game.
  • If you lose in the first game, then you should bet 10$ in the next game. And if you win, go back to $ 5.
  • If you lose in this game, then bet up to 20$. If you win, return to the first bet of 5$.
  • If you continue to lose, then bet up to $40.

The probability of you losing 5 times in a row is extremely low. Therefore, you need to have a large amount of capital to play when the capital for each 5 bets is 31 units.

Bet on winning streak

This is a great little strategy that professional bookmakers have enjoyed a lot over the years. What makes this strategy different from others is that it is completely based on performance. This is an important betting factor and is very useful for future results.

At the basic level of sports betting, this strategy involves finding and aggregating information on teams and players that are on a long winning streak and in high form. If a team or player is on a long winning streak and in consistent form, then believe me our chances are there, we’ll back them up in their next game.

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What does it take to apply an effective betting strategy on W88 bookie?

If you think it’s just a matter of trying your luck, you don’t need to worry too much about applying betting strategies. But if you are serious about betting then gather the following information before applying betting strategies.

  • Fundamental analysis: Analyze the factors of the starting lineup, performance, tactics, home advantage, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Historical statistical data analysis: Head-to-head history, last match results, goals scored, possession percentage, commonly used style of play.
  • Statistical analysis: View online newspapers, comments, from experts then average statistics. For example, if you refer to 20 different reputable sources, there are 12 sources that think England will win, so you have a win rate of 60%.
  • Backtest: Do the same method you just performed but with past matches to see if the exact result is high.
  • Analyze your own luck data: Use your average win/loss ratio for at least the last 30 bets. From there you can know how often you win bets or not, and if you win, you win with any strategy or strategy.


There is no single betting strategy that can guarantee that you will win 100%, so cultivating your own betting experience is extremely important. And if you are a professional player, surely combining betting strategies together gives you a higher chance of winning when participating in betting at W88 gambling online.

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