Sports Betting Strategy – Useful Sports Betting Methods To Win

Sports betting strategy
Best Sports betting strategy to win

Whether you are new to sports betting or are players aiming for professional betting, having a sports betting strategy is essential. It is for that reason that in this article, experts from the W88 bookie will share with you the best strategies in online sports betting.

Best Sports betting strategy for players

Quantitative sports betting strategy

A strategy where you focus on betting on multiple games at a time. When you bet on a variety of subjects and areas, you spread your money evenly and hope to win 53% of your stake or more for a profit.

You will have to face some problems when applying these sports betting strategies into practice. Although it is the best sports betting strategy, it is not easy for you to do it.

  • The first problem is that you don’t have enough time to fully focus on each match.
  • The second problem you face is the lack of disciplines and areas to bet on during certain times of the year.

Information capture strategy

First of all, watch a lot of news related to the sport you are going to bet on, not just when playing, watch whenever, watch as much as possible. Because sports betting is not a short-term game, especially for players who want to play long-term.

In order to achieve the purpose when betting, you must have extensive and comprehensive knowledge, otherwise it is very difficult to win money.

Strategies for using time and capital

Time is also what helps you increase capital. Take the time to accumulate playing experience and accumulate capital, moreover, in the process of playing, you need to always keep the best state.

If you bet on all the matches that are going on, it will take a long time to get tired, not only difficult to win but also lose the fun of this game.

Betting Budget Management Strategy

If you are determined to go the long way with sports betting, you need to improve your budget management skills with a reasonable bet strategy. See how to bet below:

  • Double bet: The amount bet on the next game is double the previous game.
  • Bet 1-3-2-6 or Bet 1-3-2-4: Corresponds to the unit bets of 4 games respectively. If you win, then pass the bet on the next game. If you lose or run out of game 4, then return to the first game bet.
  • Bet up to 2 bets/match, up to 3 games/day
  • Bet up to 50-70% of the total capital.
  • Do not bet more than 3 games a day. You will not be strong enough and alert to participate in betting.

Methods to improve sports betting strategy on W88

In Sports betting methods, we need to focus on 2 issues: analyzing the match and choosing the correct bet ticket.

Analyzing the match

To analyze the match accurately and effectively, players need to have the skills to collect and analyze information related to the upcoming match. Especially information like:

  • The position of both teams on the rankings.
  • Head-to-head history of the two teams.
  • The performance of the two teams in recent times.
  • Line-up, player situation, injury, health.
  • Weather situation. The political situation between the two countries, away or home.

Choosing the correct bet ticket

Some tips for choosing bet tickets that you should refer to, this is the most effective way to read the bookie:

  • When the strong team plays away with the weaker team, the handicap is from 1/2 to 1 goal => The small handicap shows that the force correlation is not too different => Choose the bottom team.
  • Both sides have equal performance and ability => Choose the away team.
  • The handicap is reduced from 1 to 3/4 goals, but the odds increase before the game => The lower team is being rated higher. => Choose to bet on the bottom team.
  • If the bottom team scores first => Bets on the bottom team.
  • Asian handicap increases the odds to 1/4 while European handicap leans towards a draw => Choose the home team.
  • The European handicap does not change much while the Asian handicap reduces the handicap => Choose the away team.
  • European Handicap corresponds to 1/4 handicap and Asian handicap 1/2 => Choose away team.


Above are the sharing of the most useful sports betting strategies that you can refer to and apply immediately when participating in sports betting on W88 Live.

However, to be able to use these strategies effectively, you must regularly participate in betting to gain practical experience. Thanks to sports betting strategy, you can confidently bet on any sport. Good luck.