Martingale betting strategy – Use Martingale system for betting

Martingale betting strategy
Martingale betting strategy in to Sports

The tactics used in betting games are an important factor in determining a player’s win or loss, each game will have different tactics and strategies. But one tactic that works in any betting game is the Martingale betting strategy. So how is this strategy applied on our W88 website, let’s take a closer look in the following article about betting tips.

Overall and quick look at Martingale System

The name of the martingale strategy is named after the British casino owner Henry Martingale and this is arguably one of the oldest betting strategies in use. According to some records this strategy was adopted by gamblers from France in the 18th century.

Specifically, if you wagered 100 $ on the first bet and lost that bet, then continue to bet the next game and double your bet on the first game to $ 200, if you continue to lose, then bet $ 400. If you win, you return to your original 100 $. If you lose, then double the $ 800 on the next bet.

Experiences in applying Martingale betting strategy effectively at W88

Issues related to player stakes: Do you have enough capital to continue the game after losing 9 times in a row? If you started off with a $ 1 bet, you would have lost $ 511 after 9 rounds. You need another $ 512 to play the 10th round (and hopefully win, with a probability of winning at that point of about 50%).

In total, you need $ 1023 to survive through 10 rounds. However, if the probability of losing a round is 50% then the probability for you to lose 9 rounds in a row is 0.1953% and will decrease to 0.0977% so that you lose all 10 rounds. Will you have enough capital to lose all 10 rounds?

Round limit: The number of rounds is also a problem. If you and your opponent are not limited to how many rounds to play, it means that the opponent can finish on any round. You are very honored to have won a total of 20 Martingale strategy rounds and brought in the money up to about $ 20! Suddenly you lost 5 rounds in a row and you lost $ 31. The opponent decides to stop the game and you lose $ 11. If you play with the dealer and you are the one who has the power to stop the game as you like, you can ignore this difficulty.

Tips when you choose to play Martingale betting strategy

Some useful tips to help players avoid mistakes when choosing a Martingale strategy:

  • Look at the whole situation to make the right decisions. Absolutely not greedy, please persist in fighting with the set goal of winning the dealer, and then depending on the capital situation, decide to play or stop.
  • You should only bet on bets with odds of 50% or more.
  • Willing and accepting to spend a large amount of capital and the return is only a small number.
  • Choose your first bet at the right moment. Do not let the bet streak too long.
  • Be mentally prepared and not discouraged, give up halfway.

Should I use the Martingale gameplay?

This depends on your abilities and the game you are playing. W88’s expert will analyze a number of conditions necessary for you to play this betting most effectively and safely.

First, you choose the game for which you intend to apply the Martingale betting strategy method, which is very important because each game will take up your time differently and the dealer tells you what min and max bets are. Let’s say the bookmakers bet you at least $ 5 on the casino, and $ 10 on sports. This low bet will be suitable for you to apply to Martingale, because if you lose, you will not lose too much, but win will win in a long time.

You should play casino 1 game time is about 1 minute, and play virtual soccer bet up to 3 minutes 1 game to save considerable time.

You should determine how many games you have wrongly predicted wrong. Depending on the game, you need to come up with a strategy to apply Martingale betting system.

Note: it is essential to find out and determine a 50% higher win rate per match in order to continue using Martingale. If you are an impatient, indecisive player then this betting method will not be profitable and at the same time it will cause you to run out of money faster.


It can be seen that martingale betting strategy has a clear scientific basis, not based on prediction or sentiment like other methods in betting games. However, players of W88 must also know how to apply this martingale system sports betting the right way and at the right time. As long as you make one of your betting mistakes, the consequences can befall you. In short, this method is only for those who have a lot of capital, a lot of time and a lot of patience. But try small bets at W88 to gain experience gradually.