The Best Football Betting Strategies to Win Football in 2021

Football Betting Strategies
The Best Football Betting Strategies in 2021

Football betting strategies will be best when they know how to analyzing a game on the odds of winning .Surely many gamblers have learned it through reading the articles from bookmakers W88, as well as accumulated betting experience over the years.

However, betting does not simply follow a certain formula, it will guarantee success. Many people say betting is a game of luck and bad luck, but in fact, that factor “unlucky” is influenced by the player’s psychology. Therefore, a strong psychological football betting strategy is very important. Join the house to find out the best strategies for betting on football.

Best Football Betting Strategies in 2021

Use reason instead of feeling

Everyone has a few favorite teams and wants to bet on which team will always win. But when it comes to betting, the decision to bet on which team is not going to depend on whose fan you are.

No matter how much you want your team to win, if the facts indicate that the team is weaker, you should not persistently follow your feelings. So, follow betting tips choose team analysis from lineup to game history to get the exact numbers.

Don’t be afraid to be different from the crowd

Many players who join the betting community are lazy to think and like to follow the crowd. But the majority is not always right. If that’s the case, the bookmakers will run out of business opportunities.>

If you’ve made your decision and it’s a little different from everyone else, it’s okay, it’s important to win. Therefore, be confident in your own experience and knowledge, and analyze the data carefully before placing any bets.

Consistent with his strategy, but knowledgeable

Once you have a strategy for a tournament, be patient and stick with that strategy until the end of the season. If the first match you lose and you withdraw, you will lose. If you can persistently stick to the fourth match, for example, it is very common to triple the profit.

However, also know to analyze your own tactics to see if it is effective, need to supplement and develop something to improve your chances of winning when learn football betting guide. Accept and improve to progress.

Join and interact in football betting forum

Football betting forums are the most useful information for you, especially new players. Information sources on the forums are diverse, updated extremely quickly. When you have questions or need help, you can get help from members of the community.

The level of accuracy of this information is quite high and is also an opportunity for you to learn and interact more with brothers who are passionate about this online betting. This is an effective football betting strategies that is being adopted by many players today.

Football betting strategies related to numerical analysis

– Bet budget management tactics: If picking the right bet gives you a 70% chance of winning, then choosing the right amount of bet per game will help you raise this probability by 80-90% over the long haul. That means there will be profit after not only one but many consecutive bets.

– Martingale betting style: The stakes on the next match are double the previous one.


  • Round 1: Bet $ 20. If you lose, continue betting $ 20. If you win => continue in round 2;
  • Round 2: Bet 60 $. If you lose, lose $ 40 and return to wager 20 $. If you win => continue round 3;
  • Round 3: Bet 40 $. If you lose, you still make a profit of $ 40 and return to bet $ 20. If you win => continue round 4;
  • Round 4: Bet 80 $. If you lose, you still make a profit of $ 40 and return to bet $ 20. If you win, you will make a total profit of 200 $ from the original 20 $ and return to bet with the amount of 20 $.

Handicap analysis: To predict accurately and effectively, players need to collect and analyze as much information about the upcoming match as possible. In which the most important is the following information:

  • The ranking position of the two teams on the prestigious international rankings (eg: FIFA) and the standings of the current tournament.
  • The performance of the two teams in recent times. Win or lose momentum.
  • The density of the competition of 2 teams. Whether or not there are players participating in multiple tournaments at the same time.
  • The lineup of the two teams has the key players. The injury situation, the penalty card that the two teams have recently received.
  • Other information: Mass media support. Weather situation. Political situation between the two countries (especially West Asian countries).


And finally, choosing a reputable dealer is the last tactic that players should pay attention to as it is an obvious factor. That means you find a reputable dealer, you can get transparent bets and have a new chance of winning.

With the above article, hopefully you have gained a lot of experience and football betting strategies from system. Try to make use of these experiences and you will soon achieve victory. If we find that our betting experiences are reasonable, try and feel effective. Good luck.