How to play Fast 3 game in W88 for newbies easy to understand

How to play Fast 3 in W88
How to play Fast 3 game in W88

Lottery is a game very familiar to Vietnamese people. Currently, new lotteries are developed and more modern, new content attracts a large number of players. The Fast 3 Lottery at W88 is a popular name that stands out above other lotteries. Let’s find out what Fast 3 is after all in the following detailed tutorial.

What is the Fast 3 Lottery on W88?

For longtime lottery players, you will be no stranger to Keno, Lotto, GPI, etc. Similarly, Fast 3 is a new lottery game launched by the W88 house. Played in a different way than the rest of the lottery, so it soon became popular.

Fast 3 lottery will be played with 3 dice, players will bet based on the odds. Then, based on the results of the dice that appear, compare to decide whether to win or lose.

When you first heard it, you will probably find it similar to other dice games. But the other thing here is that the Fast 3 lottery has more interesting bets, making it more attractive.

When playing Fast 3 at the W88 house, you will have 4 choices about the betting hall. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose to play the following halls:

  • Royal Fast 3 with a spin frequency of 20 seconds.
  • Fortune Fast 3 with a spin frequency of 30 seconds.
  • Lucky Fast 3 with a spin frequency of 45 seconds.
  • Mega Fast 3 with a spin frequency of 60 seconds.

Types of bets on Fast 3 lottery at W88

In addition to the selection of betting halls to play Fast, this lottery has many different types of bets. Distinguishing these types of bets is very important in the player’s betting process. Learn more about how to play Fast 3 in W88 through the following bet types:

Triple bet

Triple bets are the most popular bets in the Fast 3 lottery, divided into many different bet types. It is easy to get confused between three types of bets, but just pay attention to a few points to be able to distinguish them.

  • Same Triple Bet: You will choose a set of 3 including the same numbers from 111 to 666 to bet. If the lottery results on the corresponding dice, you win the bet.
  • Any Triple Bet: Choose to bet on any three numbers between 111 and 666. If the results of the dice match your bet then you get the bonus.
  • Bet on different triples: You will choose a set of three numbers, in which the numbers in the triple can only be numbers from 1 to 6, for example 1-2-5 or 3-2-1,etc.
  • Triple bets on consecutive numbers: You will choose a set of three consecutive numbers to bet like 123 – 234 – 345 – 456 to bet. You will win the bet when the lottery results out three numbers in a row without having to be in the correct order.

Double bet

Double bets are simpler than triple bets, you only need to predict 2 numbers. In which we need to predict 1 will make a pair and another number to bet. If the three numbers are not in the correct order, you still win the bet.

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Bet on 2 different numbers

Betting 2 different numbers is the simpler way to play in the Fast 3 lottery on W88. You just need to choose 2 different numbers in the range from 1 to 6 to place your bet ticket. When the lottery results appear, the dice are those 2 numbers, no matter in order you also win.

Bet on a single number

Similar to betting on two numbers, the type of bet on 1 number is different only in that you will choose 1 number in the range from 1 to 6. Thus, it can be seen that this way, the possibility of winning the bet is not better than other types of bets. But simple, suitable for those who are new to playing for the first time, save time thinking.

Over/ under and Even/Odd bets

These bets will be settled as follows:

  • Over: The sum is from 11 to 18.
  • Under: The sum is from 3 to 10.
  • Odd: The sum of the dice is an odd number.
  • Even: The sum of the dice is even.

Total bet

The dice in the Fast 3 lottery will include from 1 to 6, so the maximum total score will be 18. Thus, if you bet on total, you will choose the numbers from 3 to 18 to bet. If the dice that appear add up to your bet, you win.


Fast 3 Lottery is an extremely interesting and entertaining lottery game with high odds on W88. Therefore, it will be a great choice for players who want to experience a new type of lottery on W88 online through this guide how to play Fast 3 lottery.

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