What is a Shots on Target in football betting? Learn it now!

Shots on Target betting

The concept of Shots on Target is understood by most people who watch football, but there are some cases where it will cause confusion. In addition, this is also the criterion to evaluate the goal when hitting the opponent to change direction will be counted as an own goal or a goal for the shooter. Let’s read the explanation from W88 expert to better understand Shots on Target betting.

What is Shot on Target and its rules in football?

Shot On Target is when the ball leaves the player’s foot on the attacking team, and the following occurs:

  • The ball goes straight into the net.
  • The ball goes straight into the net if it is not blocked by the goalkeeper.
  • The ball goes straight into the net if it is not blocked by the last player in front of goal (i.e. no one else is behind that player).

When the ball is blocked by an opposing player, and there is at least one teammate behind him until the front of the goal, it is called a Blocked Shot.

Of course there will also be an opposite case, this case called Shot off Target:

  • The ball misses the goal.
  • The ball hits the crossbar or post but does not enter the goal.

Surely you are still vague about this definition. So read the specific example in the next section to understand better.

Example of Shot on Target betting from W88 experts

The most obvious example is the Champions League Final between Chelsea and Man Utd.

The whole Chelsea game, in addition to 3 shots including 1 goal and 2 blocked situations, also had a shot on the post by Drogba and a shot on the crossbar by Lampard, but at the end of the game, only 3 shots were counted as shots on target.

Based on the above concepts, when the ball touches the opponent’s player into the net, there will be 2 situations.

Shots on Target in football betting
Shots on Target in football betting


The ball is still on target if it does not hit the player, it will still count as a goal for the shooter, regardless of the completely different trajectory after the change of direction.

For example: Pogba’s goal in the 2017 Europa League Final.

Own goal

The ball goes off target if it doesn’t hit the player, regardless of whether the trajectory deviates only slightly from the original.

For example: the opening goal after Nani’s solo in the Arsenal 1-3 Man Utd match in the 2009/10 season.

But the trajectory of the ball is very unpredictable. How do you know if it is not blocked, it is on target or not?

  • Shot on Target bettors will draw a line to the last smash and then extend it, if the line is cut in the middle of the 2 goalposts, it is on target.
  • In cases where the path of the ball spins, they calculate it relative because it is difficult to determine the details if it is detailed.

How does W88 bookie organize Shots on Target bets?

Reputable bookie W88 offers Shots on Target betting based on the statistics of the whole match, including:

  • Total number of shots on target for each team.
  • Total number of shots on target is even or odd.
  • Or players will bet on which player has the most goals counted as shots on target.
  • Or players can bet on the case where the 2 teams tie on the results of shots on target.
  • In case a player is not completely confident in his judgment and judgment, he can bet on the “Double Chance” bet ticket with a lower payout, but the winning rate will also be higher.

Note that before betting shots on target, you need to study the house rules and read the statistics table carefully. Usually this type of bet will not count goals from the 11-meter mark.

How to bet Shots on Target for optimal results on W88?

Shots on target betting is considered one of the difficult bets because the path of the ball into the goal is often quite tricky. Therefore, you must choose reputable bookmakers like W88 sports online to ensure credibility when you participate in Shots on Target bets.

It is necessary to regularly follow football news, especially about the player and his playing style. If you are a player who specializes in shooting from a distance, it will be difficult to have a shot on target.


Although betting on shots on target on W88 requires players to analyze and synthesize a lot of information about the match, the rewards it brings to football betting players are also extremely large. Good luck.