Explaining Andrucci betting system in Roulette at bookie

Andrucci betting system

Andrucci betting system in Roulette is based on the analysis of high risk, high return and probability to be able to pick out lucky numbers during play. Let’s learn more about this betting system when playing roulette at W88 online casino in the explanation below.

Overview of Andrucci betting system on W88

Andrucci betting strategy when applied to play Roulette online on W88 will require you to record numbers that frequently repeat in a session of 30 to 37 rounds of roulette. From there, it will analyze and choose a number that appears frequently for your next bet. If you have the ability to record and analyze to choose a lucky number, then the Andrucci strategy is the best betting strategy you need.

Since roulette was introduced to the betting market, players have gradually formed strategies to choose lucky numbers. And the Andrucci betting system is one of the modern strategies based on physical and mathematical principles to apply.

According to the statistics of wins when applying the Andrucci betting system, the chances of winning increase by up to 18%, this is an impressive number because just 5% increase in the chance of winning is too much. Therefore, professional roulette players on W88 casino recommend learning about this betting system.

How to apply Andrucci betting system when playing Roulette on W88

To apply the Andrucci Betting Strategy in Roulette, players need to follow these simple rules:

Andrucci Betting Strategy in Roulette

  • Observe the results table and record the numbers that have appeared in a cycle of about 30 to 35 spins. If you do not have a good memory, we recommend that you write the numbers down on paper for easy follow-up.
  • Once you’ve recorded the numbers that appear frequently, go ahead and pick a number that you think is the luckiest.
  • Proceed to bet on the selected lucky number for the next betting round.
  • If that number has not appeared on the next spin, apply progressive betting to continue betting on that number from 15 to 20 spins. Surely the profit you get will be higher than the amount of capital invested.
  • After winning the bet with the lucky number, continue to go back to the original step by observing 30 to 35 spins and find the lucky number.

The meaning behind the Andrucci betting system

The numbers in the roulette wheel have an equal probability of appearing, and the more you spin, the more you will notice that some numbers will appear more than others. This means that at the roulette table at that time, these were the preferred numbers.

Recording the frequency of those numbers will help you find out the rules of the roulette table you are participating in, thereby making accurate betting decisions and bringing in stable profits. while playing bets at W88 Casino.

Although recording the numbers takes a lot of time, in order to have a higher chance of winning, recording the numbers is also essential. Or you can directly track the results of the last 30 – 35 spins in the table history on W88 to quickly find out your lucky number.

Responsibilities required when applying the Andrucci betting system

Like any other betting system we have shared on W88, the Andrucci betting system may not be suitable for hasty and hasty players. Be calm and wise during the game and apply this betting strategy.

Set a specific betting limit and only play within that limit. Also split your bets to be able to play more spins if your lucky number has not appeared.

It should be applied with other Roulette betting systems to give a higher chance of winning.


Andrucci betting system in Roulette is a basic strategy that every W88 player should know and start applying during the game so that he can gradually become a professional bettor. Apply this strategy in your next Roulette turn on the W88 online bookie.

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