Analysis of James Bond betting strategy in Roulette

James Bond betting strategy

The James Bond betting strategy is the most used strategy in today’s online casinos and especially roulette games. This strategy is inspired by the classic movie Spy 007. Every mission in the movie is like a gamble and of course 007 always wins, so is the James Bond betting strategy. Let’s learn about the James Bond strategy in Roulette in this article by the expert W88 bookie.

Instructions to play Roulette with James Bond strategy

Principles of application

Players who bet on this method will use at least 200 credits. And divide this amount by 3 different bets in the same single bet. As follows:

  • 10 credits for slot 0: Odds 1-160
  • 50 credits for bets 13-18: Odds of 1-2
  • 140 credits for High bet: 19 – 36 : Odds of 1-1

The James Bond Roulette strategy can be a suitable strategy to use when playing Roulette thanks to its potential profit. Since it involves evenly dividing the bet on most numbers, using small amounts can yield significant wins.

Unlike most Roulette strategies, this strategy does not rely on losing or winning streaks. Instead, it is aimed at controlling opportunities in the player’s favor. Unfortunately, Roulette is a game of chance and can never guarantee 100% victory.

Advantages of the James Bond strategy

By dividing the bets among many bets according to the principle of placing a lot on the door with a high probability of winning and placing a little on the bet with a low probability of winning. Therefore, the James Bond strategy helps you improve your chances of winning, and maximize your bets when you win.

James Bond Roulette Strategy

There are 4 possible cases when applying James Bond 007 strategy when playing Roulette on W88:

  • The ball rolls into box 0 => You win 160 bets – Probability ~ 2.8%
  • The ball rolls into box 13-18 => You win 100 bets – Probability ~ 17%
  • The ball rolls into box 19 – 36 => You win 80 units – Probability ~ 50%
  • Only if the ball lands on squares 1-12: You lose 200 units – Probability ~21%

So you can see that the probability of winning a bet naturally (i.e. without applying any betting strategy, completely depends on luck) at the Roulette table is 2.8% – 50% if you only choose 1 door. However, if you apply the James Bond multi-door betting strategy, this probability is up to nearly 70% for each bet.

If in this way the ball rolls into the box from 19 to 36, you will earn $ 80, if the results are in boxes 13 to 18, you will receive $ 100, finally if in box 0 your profit will be $160.

Disadvantages of applying the James Bond strategy

The downside to betting roulette with the James Bond strategy is the initial capital, because each bet you need at least 200 credits.

This amount for new players may not be a large number. However, if you are unlucky and lose continuously, it is likely that you will run out of capital before reaching the winning streak to recover your capital. Moreover, if you play too little, you won’t win much, and if you want to win big, you need capital, which can be the most controversial strategy.

How to overcome the disadvantages of the James Bond strategy

  • Choose reputable bookmakers like W88 online bookie with low stakes from $0.1 -$0.5/bet.
  • Apply the James Bond betting Roulette strategy along with the door selection strategies to maximize the probability of winning.
  • Don’t be too greedy to lose the core of this strategy.


Above is the most detailed and complete guide on how to play Roulette at W88 online casino with James Bond Roulette strategy. Hope the article will help you to always win like James Bond. Wishing you guys fun and good luck in the Roulette arena!

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