Best Roulette Strategy for players from betting experts

Roulette Strategy
Best Roulette Strategy for players

Using Roulette strategy at the house will give players a great advantage to win. Roulette is a game that requires a lot of judgment and analysis before placing a bet to be sure of winning. In this article, we will share with you the simplest and most effective online Roulette strategy.

Best Roulette strategy from betting experts

Kavouras Strategy

Kavouras Strategy in Roulette

Roulette Kavouras online betting strategy is considered quite simple. Players only need to choose for themselves 20 numbers that they think will come out. Placing many numbers at random will minimize the house’s focus on the betting area that the player is focused on.

Betting on 20 numbers is also quite flexible. Players can choose their own bet for each number. This will help minimize the loss of bets. In addition, if the player bets on the exact number that the ball falls on, the profit they win is also quite high.

Tier Et Tout A La Boule De Neige Strategy

This is probably the strategy with the most difficult name to remember in Roulette. For simplicity, it is called the Roulette Tier Et Tout system. Compared to Kavouras, it is more complicated but is also used more by those who have experience playing online Roulette at W88 live casino.

  • Applying this trick is also quite simple. Players need to divide their stake into 3 parts and bet them 2 times at the ratio of 1/3 and 2/3.
  • The first time the player will use 1/3 of the amount to bet the casino game.
  • If it fails, the player will use 2/3 of the remaining money to continue betting.
  • In case they win on the first 1/3, the profit will increase and the player will continue to bet with 1/3 of the current amount.

Here is the Tier Et Tout betting table based on 16 rounds that all players should know:

Tier Et Tout A La Boule De Neige Strategy in Roulette

Labouchere’s Strategy

This is a strategy to play Roulette as well as online Roulette created by the British and it is quite complicated. It can be said that this is a tip for longtime players. If you are a new player, Labouchere will help them with these simple betting tips:

  • Players first need to determine the amount of winnings they want.
  • Then, split that amount into several small chains. For example, if you want to win $10, the sequence could be: 1-1-2-2-2-1-1
  • If the participant bets and wins $2 on the first bet, the remaining sequence will be 1-2-2-2-1. However, if you lose, the sequence will be 1-1-2-2-2-1-1-2. This means that the amount the player wants and needs to win in subsequent rounds will be $11.

There is a rule that all Labouchere players must follow:

  • When winning, the player will cross out the numbers to the left and right.
  • When losing a bet, the bettor will not be allowed to cross out any numbers. In addition, they must add the losing number to the back of the sequence.

Oscar’s Grind/Pluscoup Strategy

Oscar’s Grind/Pluscoup is considered one of the best casino game strategies. It was created not only to help players minimize their losses, but also to help them recover their losses and earn profits.

Applying this trick is also very simple. Players only need to keep the same bet amount after each losing round. In case of winning, the participant will increase by 1 unit in the next bet. For example, if a player starts betting with $1, the amount to be placed after each betting round could be:

  • 1st time: Start with $1 and lose, the next bet will be $1.
  • 2nd time: Continue to start betting with $1. If you lose the bet, the bet for the next round will still be $1.
  • 3rd time: Continue to bet with $1. Win the bet => the player will start increasing the bet in the next round to $2.
  • 4th time: Start with $2. If you lose the bet, you will continue to bet with $2. However, if the bet wins, the bet in the next round will be $3.

Take a look at the table below. Players can continue to bet with $2 if it turns out to be profitable for them.

Oscar's Grind Strategy in Roulette


In fact, there is no Roulette strategies that gives 100% victory to the player. Roulette or traditional Roulette online games attracts a lot of players because of the fun and drama it brings.

No matter what strategy players use in traditional or online casino games, they need to be carefully considered. Hopefully with this article of W88 you have gained more Roulette strategy when playing confidently.