Power Spins: Sonic 7s Slot: How to Play & Bonus Features

Power Spins: Sonic 7s Slot

Power Spins: Sonic 7s Slot is the third slot game in the Power Spins collection released by Microgaming with 5 reels and 9 lines. This is one of Microgaming’s successful game series and each slot game has a different Power Spin. Learn about Sonic 7s gameplay and the game’s symbols while playing at W88 online bookie.

Overview of Power Spins: Sonic 7s Slot on W88

Power Spins: Sonic 7s is a slot designed with 5 reels and 9 customizable paylines, and is currently available at a variety of reputable online bookies like W88 link bookie. This slot game runs on high-end Microgaming software, thus ensuring speed and stability for players when participating in playing Sonic 7s slot game on W88.

In terms of graphic layout, the reels are placed on a dark background with a clear design and layout that makes it easy for players to follow and perform operations when playing slots. This dark tone also helps the Sonic 7s slot look more sophisticated and luxurious than other slot games.

Regarding the bet level in Power Spins: Sonic 7s, the minimum bet to enter the game ranges from just $0.09 up to the maximum bet of $45.00 per round. This bet is really suitable for anyone who wants to play slots because the bet levels are really diverse.

Symbols and paytables of Power Spins: Sonic 7s

The win from the highest regular symbols you can land while spinning the Power Spins: Sonic 7s is 20,000 coins when matching the 5 highest paying regular symbols (as shown in the table below).

How to play Power Spins Sonic 7s Slot

In addition to the combination of regular symbols in Sonic 7s, this slot also features wild and bonus symbols that help W88 Slots players win higher prizes.

The highest jackpot of Sonic 7s slot game is up to 200,000 coins. The 20,000 coin prize is available to players who bet a minimum of one coin per spin and win. If a W88 player bets up to ten coins, the prize will be multiplied by ten. From here it can be seen that for every penny you invest, if you win, you will be returned a profit of up to 20,000 coins.

Scatter symbols in the Sonic 7s slot also give players a maximum prize of up to 13,500 coins for five winning combinations on an active payline.

Power Spins: Sonic 7s Bonus Spins and Features on W88

Power Spins: Sonic 7s does not offer bonus games or free spins like other free slots to play for fun of its kind. It’s a bit odd for a 5-reel slot without this feature, but since Sonic 7s has a relatively modern vibe with wilds and scatters it’s understandable.

Since there is no bonus feature and free spins, it partly shows the winning potential of players when participating in Sonic 7s. However, Power Spins: Sonic 7s is rebalanced with the addition of an optional Power Spins side bet.

Power Spins Sonic 7s feature

The Power Spins Sonic 7s Slot feature will be activated when the player clicks the “Power” button and the player will have to place an additional amount of 3 times their current line bet.

The benefit of using this feature is that it increases the prize pool you collect when the winning combinations contain any wild symbols. This means that every time you form a winning combination containing a wild symbol, your profit will be doubled with a 2x multiplier.

Since the multiplier will be based on the number of wild symbols available, you can get a 4x multiplier for two symbols, a 6x multiplier for three symbols, and an 8x multiplier for combinations that contain four symbols.

On the other hand, if you lose, you will lose more money than the original bet. So you should think really carefully when deciding to use this feature.


Power Spins: Sonic 7s Slot is currently chosen by many players to play at W88 Slots because it brings great profits to players. The above article has explained in detail how to play and the symbols included in Sonic 7s, let’s join the game.

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