Roulette Online – How to play Roulette casino game for beginners

Roulette Online
Play Roulette online casino for beginers

Roulette is one of the indispensable games in any casino, from offline to online. This is a game that requires a lot of judgment and analysis before placing a bet to be sure of winning. In this article, we will share with you the simplest and most effective how to play Roulette online at the W88 dealer.

Introducing Roulette online game at W88

Roulette is a game originating from France, roughly translated as “small wheel”. The name gave the player an idea of how the game works. When playing, the required tool is a small ball, and a spinning wheel with 2 colors red and black.

Players participate by placing bets on the corresponding numbers. This is a very attractive and interesting game so many players prefer and choose when participating in online betting at W88 Casino.

How to play Roulette online at W88 Casino

Sequence of placing a Roulette bet

Step 1: Roulette rules at the house players buy chip cards from the house to bet, each player will have a separate color to avoid confusion. These chip cards will have a value of at least $ 1, or depending on the house, it has a different value to suit the player.

How to play Roulette
How to play Roulette casino at W88

Step 2: Players use the number of chips purchased to bet on one of the numbers on the table based on their own judgment and analysis.

Step 3: After the players place their bets, the dealer proceeds to roll the ball in the roulette wheel.

Step 4: After the ball stops spinning, the dealer will rely on the number that the ball stops, and compare it with the player’s bet results to calculate the win or loss. If the player wins that number, he will be paid according to the convention ratio of each house, if wrong, he will lose the entire bet.

Notes for betting on Roulette Online at W88

In addition to betting on individual numbers on the table, players can also bet on other types such as bets on odd or even numbers, bets on red or black squares. Depending on the bookmaker, these bets have different payout percentages.

Each table will have a common bet value, but if a player wants to bet more than that, there is a mark on his bet ticket, called a “lamer”. Thanks to that, the house can know that you bet higher, so that when paying the bonus, it will pay with the corresponding amount.

Regarding the chips used, players can exchange chips from winning other casino games to participate. Or, after playing to win chips, you can change chips into points or bets to participate in reverse to other online casino games in the W88 dealer’s casino.

Basic terms

Minimum bet: This is the lowest bet a player must place. Depending on the table, the minimum bet will change. Therefore, you need to filter the betting tables that are suitable for your financial ability.

Backtrack / Ball track: This is the groove of the ball

Biased Numbers and Wheels: Just random numbers and results, not subject to human influence or the orchestrated effects of machines.

Bottom Track: When the ball is not in the number box, but between the number track and the ball track. This is a rare occurrence, but there are many such cases.

Dozen bet: Dozen is 12. So this is a case where the player bets on a sequence of 12 numbers.

Action Player/ Active Player: Only regular players of a Roulette Online table or of a bookie such as W88 Online, this is a player who regularly participates in bets and bets with large amounts of money.

Corner Bet: The chip is placed at the top 2 of the number 4.

Croupier: The staff deals cards.

En Prison Rule: This means that the player will continue to play again. When the ball stops at position 0.

Quarter bet: Choose corner bet.

Partage Rule: Player’s bet return operation.


With the above article, you will get all the information you need to know before participating in betting Roulette Casino at W88. With the above knowledge, you are confident enough to bet at any bookmaker.

However, to be able to win more bets, you also have to play regularly to gain experience in guessing numbers to increase your win rate. Hope you will have the victory from participating learn how to play Roulette online for beginners.