What is Dead Heat betting? Dead Heat betting guide in sports

Dead Heat betting

Dead heat betting is a term you’ve certainly seen a lot in the professional betting market at online bookies. So what is dead heat betting and how to apply it in betting, let’s read the following article from W88 online bookie to better understand.

What is Dead Heat betting?

Most tie bets in sports betting are straightforward as they only result in a refund to the bettor. For example, if you bet on an outright winning NFL team and the match ends in a draw, you will get your money back.

These cases can also be called push. Pushes often appear when betting on money line, total bets, bets against spread, as well as parlay bets.

Dead heat, however, is when two or more options are tied together, and this is where things get complicated. What usually happens with your bet is that the payout is divided by the number of people tied to the slot. For example, a two-way tie means that you will win half of what you originally expected to win.

While this may seem confusing for team sports, think about individual player sports like golf or horse racing. Dead heat in golf or horse racing occurs when multiple selections tie the same position.

In Which Sports Does Dead Heat Happen?

Dead heat is mainly applied in golf and horse racing, as they are not common in all sports. For example, in sports like boxing, tennis, or even mainstream team sports where there is only one-on-one, you will never see dead heat bets.

The reason dead heat betting is so popular in golf, horse racing and sometimes motorsport is because each sport has a series of competitors vying for position. In those sports, multiple people can finish in the same position.

How Often Does Dead Heat Happen?

In horse races, dead heat is a rare occurrence. Since the speeds of the horses are often different, it is difficult to tie in a match. However, there is still the possibility of dead heat in horse racing, so you can still bet on dead heat on link W88 mobile.

In golf, dead tees occur much more often because golfers can end up with the same number of points. If there is a draw for first place, golfers in that position will enter a knockout match to determine the winner.

However, the ties are not broken for any other positions, so it’s entirely possible that 10 players could tie for fourth and third. That’s why dead heat betting is quite popular in golf.

How Are Payouts Determined In Dead Heats?

As for Dead heat payouts, it is quite simple to understand and apply. Let’s take the following horse racing example payout table:

Dead heat betting rules

If you bet $20 on the second place horse, but there are two horses together in second place. What happens here is your bet is halved (because of the tie between the two horses) and then you still get your normal odds. So a $20 bet becomes a $10 bet, but you still make 5/1 of your payout, so you’ll take home $50 on that bet.

Here is an example of golf payouts:

What is a Dead Heats

If you bet $100 on Rory McIlroy at 18/1 to finish in the Top 5. In this case he finished third but as you can see, he ended up in No. three with four other players. That means, technically, three of them finished in the Top 5, but one of them finished fourth in sixth.

In this case, your bet will be multiplied by 3/4 because only three out of four can end up in the Top 5. That means to calculate your payout you multiply the number. your stake by 3/4 (75%) and then multiply it by your odds.

In this case, your bet becomes $75 (100 x 0.75) and then you multiply that by 18/1, giving you $1350.


Although dead heat betting is not widespread in sports, for those who are passionate about golf betting or betting on horse racing on W88 online bookie, dead heat betting is really good. Wish you successful betting with dead heat betting.