Horse racing betting guide: Rules and How to bet on Horse racing

Horse racing betting guide
Guide for Betting Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is one of the very attractive betting games, attracting the largest number of players that W88 brings to betting players. Let’s learn about horse racing betting rules, as well as how to bet on horse racing online at the W88 bookmaker.

Horse racing rules betting

Horse racing betting at the W88 bookmaker as a new form of betting. So the rules will be different from horse racing games at other bookies. You need to know the rules before playing to be able to win easily.

  • The race starts, you proceed to place a bet, this bet is called Quinella, after the countdown time has expired you can’t place any more bets.
  • After the race is over, the results and rewards will be announced.
  • The player will win if the bet matches the Quinella combination.
  • The player doubles if the bet is the same as the bonus amount and the Quinella combination.
  • The biggest difference is that the results are based on a random number generator (RNG), which builds the odds along with the given odds. In particular, at W88, this number generator is independently tested from leading reputable suppliers.
  • A game has about 12 horses participating or less.

Knowing these rules will make it easier for you to choose tactics how to play horse racing betting. Players only need to read the detailed horse racing betting guide to understand the rules of the game in this sports.

Popular horse racing bets on W88 Live Betting bookmaker

How to bet on Horse Racing
How to bet on Horse Racing for beginners

Bet on position

Winning bet: The player predicts which horse will reach the finish line first to win. This bet will have very high odds.

Player predicts which horse will not finish first. This bet has a low ane but a very high win rate.

Bet on TOP 3: Player selects a horse and predicts it will finish in TOP 3.

Bet not on TOP 3: Player predicts the horse will not finish in TOP 3.

Bet on TOP 2

Players will predict the 2 horses to finish first in the race. It is possible to predict a specific position or just both of them to finish first. Regardless of first or second place.

Bet on TOP 3

Same as betting on TOP 2 but the difficulty is higher. Players will have to predict 3 horses to finish first instead of just 2. Bets can bet on the exact finishing position of all 3 horses or just predict the 3 finishers correctly first.

Experience to win horse racing bets on W88

Some of the following tips and experiences will support you in the upcoming horse racing bets. Please keep in mind to avoid risks and mistakes in the process of betting on horse racing games at W88.

Update horse race information

If you want to win, you need to learn a lot of information in advance. Specific information such as winning history, most winning horse, recently won horse, etc.

It is also important to know what type of track you are betting on, as there are many types of tracks. Once you know that information, you can use your own inference and analysis to predict the outcome.

Do not bet on the first races

The first laps you should observe and watch the match rather than bet on instant horse racing. Through this, you will also know what is going on, and have time to review the match information.

If you just enter and bet immediately, it is very easy to bet wrong. Take the time to watch and find out the general rules of the matches. So in the following games you will have a clearer and more accurate strategy.

Choose the right bet

You should carefully consider between the high odds bets or the high win rate bets. These two factors are always opposite. If you are a long-distance player, you should choose safe bets with a high win rate. If you play randomly, you can choose the odds with high odds such as the best bet, Top 2 bet, etc. Maybe luck will help you win big.

Change selection as needed

Although there will be horses that win regularly. However, do not always put your trust in a single object. Let’s change it up a bit because this is a completely random probability so no horse will win forever.


Horse racing betting will easily bring you great rewards if you know how to predict in combination with the information provided. Try to join the W88 bookie’s horse racing betting next to other sports.