Cai Shen Fishing: Review and How to play Cai Shen Fishing

Cai Shen Fishing

Cai Shen Fishing is known as one of the best shooting fish games at ww88 com online bookie. Players will experience the vast ocean world with countless marine species and many opportunities to shoot big fish and collect great prizes. To better understand, please refer to the article below from W88.

Introduction to Cai Shen Fishing game

Cai Shen Fishing is a new game launched in 2019 by the leading famous game provider JDB Gaming. And now it is available at most online bookmakers, including W88 with a large response from many players around the world.

Basically, the way to play shooting fish is quite simple and similar to other shooting games. That player uses gun weapons or bullets to target different creatures in the ocean to receive coins. Shoot as many large fish as possible, the more coins you will receive, especially the lucky fish with a huge number of coins.

When participating in the game, players can play on the computer or download the app, play directly on the phone, just need a stable internet connection.

With a high investment in images, graphics, and sound, realistic and vivid promises to bring many great experiences in the vast ocean world for players on W88.

How to play Cai Shen Fishing on W88 online

How to play Cai Shen Fishing

Choose a playroom

When a new window is displayed, players need to choose one of 3 rooms with a level and bet limit from low to high, specifically:

  • Newbie Door: For those who are new to this game, with bets from 0.1 to 10.
  • Expert Door: For you with little betting experience or known but don’t want to take the risk, with bets from 1 to 100.
  • Caishen Gate: This door is for professional players in the game Cai Shen Fishing, with bets from 10 to 100.

Start playing

After the player chooses the room to play in this product W88, the main screen will display the main interface of Cai Shen fishing. With specific instructions:

  • Your location
  • Auto fire: automatic fire mode
  • Aim: aim at the target
  • Left menu: adjust the sound, consult the bonus level of the fishes

The player is to use weapons including guns and bullets to aim and shoot the fish that appear on the screen. The type of fish you shoot will determine the number of coins you receive, so you must use reasonable bullets and aim accurately and at the right target.

Review of Cai Shen Fishing by W88au


Cai Shen Fishing is a game with extremely cute and novel designed graphics, but in fact, it does not simulate in detail a deep ocean. It is this novelty that Cai Shen Fishing always attracts players.

Cai Shen Fishing Review

Especially the ocean in Cai Shen Fishing is a still ocean, the scenery is still to adorn the movement of fishes. However, after each of your tables, the ocean in the game is always changed.


Cai Shen Fishing is a pretty elaborate game in terms of effects as well as sound. In particular, each fish species when defeated will emit a different, extremely interesting sound.

Special Feature

Players will receive countless attractive rewards after defeating large and important goals.

If we can defeat the red envelopes, we can receive up to 1000 free bullets. This luck depends on which envelope you choose to open and uncover the hidden rewards within.

Tips to play Cai Shen Fishing effectively

Accurate aiming

You need to try to aim accurately before shooting to avoid wasting ammo. Especially with big fish because each bullet fired corresponds to a large number of coins.

Shoot fish in groups

When you see fish swimming in groups, choose the appropriate source of ammunition and aim to shoot bullets continuously, that will increase your ability to kill the most types of fish.


We have compiled detailed information about the Cai Shen fishing game along with guide for playing and some effective playing tips. Hopefully, it will help you gain more understanding and confidence when participating and experiencing online fish table Cai Shen fishing at the W88 bookie.

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