Golf Betting Guide – How to bet on Golf for beginners

Golf Betting Guide
Golf Betting Guide for beginners

Learn Golf betting guide fun while in sports, Golf is known as a sport for the nobility in the old West. But in recent years, Golf has become popular and there are many championship competitions. Accordingly, many bookmakers opening bets for golf matches also emerged as a phenomenon. In this betting products article, you will gain knowledge on how to bet on Golf from the sharing of W88 experts.

What is golf betting on W88?

Golf is a sport in which players will use a club to hit the ball into a preset hole on the golf course in such a way that it takes as few hits as possible.

That is, given a certain distance from the player’s position to the hole, the fewer times it takes the player to get the ball into the hole, the higher the score.

Golf like other sports, depending on the level of expertise of the player, there will be appropriate tournaments, but in major tournaments, the most popular are still two forms of Stoke Play and Match Play. Among them, Stroke Play is more popular.

At W88 Online, players will be able to update the latest match schedules, follow their favorite golfers in bets, place bets and wait for bonuses.

Golf Betting Guide on bookmaker

Basic terms in golf

Tee box: is the player’s first hit point. This place is usually marked with two markers on either side to indicate the legal teeing ground limit.

Fairway: is a word used to indicate the way the ball rolls.

Bunker: is a sand pit. Usually at the golf course there will be many obstacles, sand pit is one of them.

Rough: are terrain areas with hard obstacles such as rocks, weeds, bushes, etc. have strong hindrance to the ball’s path.

Lake: are the ponds set up in the golf course.

Green: is a special grassy area of the golf course, on which there is usually a ball hole and where the ball ends. The green areas will often be flagged for players to navigate.

How to calculate points in golf betting

In the case of “hole in one” i.e. the player will only hit a single “ace” from the tee and the ball enters the hole, it is also called a direct hit. In addition, each case will have its own score and naming:

  • Condor: – 4 (minus 4) is four under par
  • Albatross (Double Eagle): – 3 (minus 3) is three under par
  • Eagle: – 2 (minus 2) is two under par
  • Birdie: – 1 (minus 1) is one under par
  • Par: E is equal to par
  • Bogey: +1 (plus 1) is a club on par
  • Double bogey: +2 (plus 2) is two strokes on par
  • Triple bogey: + 3 (plus 3) is three strokes on par

Types of golf bets

Learn more about the most common types of golf betting. These are all attractive bets, which you should know before placing bets on Golf.

Types of Golf betting

Betting on Match-ups 18 holes

This bet will be settled as soon as the golfer hits the ball. If a round is missed then bets will be considered void.

The bettor will win if the golfer he placed has the lowest score on the 18-hole course. If the match ends in the first round with an odd score then bets will also be considered void. Play-offs will not be counted.

Betting on Match-ups 72 holes

With this bet type, bets will also be settled when the golfer starts teeing off. The golfer who completes the most holes will be deemed the winner.

If both have completed all the holes, the player with the fewest strokes wins. If the golfer finishes in the odd round in a tie, that will also be void.

Money line betting

If the golfer finishes in the odd round with a draw then this bet will be considered void.

Betting on winner of the first round

This is the player who achieved the highest position in the first round

The Law of Dead-heat

If 2 or more golfers complete the same position, the bet will be divided proportionally. Note: This Dead-heat rule will only apply to bets and not odds.

In addition, there are many other attractive bets that you can find at the W88 bookie such as: top 4, top 5, top 6, top 10 and even top 20 final; 18-hole 2-ball and 3-ball bets; tournament group bets, etc.


Hopefully with the Golf betting guide that we have given above, W88 will help you better understand the meaning and types of golf betting odds. You can update more attractive promotions from the bookmaker betting W88.